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   Chapter 12 NO.12

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6342

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Samantha rolled over and groaned as the insistent beeping of her alarm pierced her peaceful veil of sleep. She opened one eye and slapped her paw on to the 'off' button.

"Why do I have to wake up so early again...?" She mumbled aloud, turning over again. Suddenly, her eyes flashed open and she leaped out of bed with a yelp. "School! Right!"

She checked the clock on the wall. Thankfully, she had set her alarm early and it was only 6:30 - school started at 8:15 and it was practically next door, which was quite convenient. Another plus to going to boarding school.

She half contemplated sliding under her covers again, but she decided against it and padded into the bathroom to wash up. She could still hear Elena blissfully snoring under her covers - lucky her - and briefly recalled yesterday morning, when she'd been forced to wake her friend and had nearly gotten a concussion. Good times.

She exited the bathroom and sat down on her bed. "Well, it's not like I have anything to do, " she murmured, "Might as well..."

She reached for the little blue book on her bedside and opened it. She stared at the still-vibrant dark blue ink across the page - most of it was in her scratchy handwriting, with a few lines in between in something between a neat print and large, rounded letters.

She pressed her pen to the page. Finally, she scrawled out an 'H'.

{{ Hey. Are you there? }}

She gazed down at the blank, empty page.

{{ Are you... awake? }} She added beneath the line of text.

She continued watching her page, waiting for any sign of her mysterious... friend to show up. Finally, she added a few more words to the end of her sentence.

{{ Author... are you real? }}

From the bed opposite hers, Elena snuffled and buried under the covers.

{{ ... Did you want something? }}

Samantha breathed a sigh of relief as the familiar words slowly scrawled themselves

bite of fish. "Yeah, probably that." She coughed behind a paw and mouthed, "Abbey, " which also earned her a giggle from Samantha.

"What do we have first?" Samantha asked, already pulling out her phone. Elena shrugged and gestured at her mouth, then back at Samantha. Samantha scrolled through and found the image of her timetable that she had saved. "Hmm... English. Not bad."

"We're in the same class for that, " Elena pointed out. "This should be fun."

Samantha smiled and took a bite of her fish. "Yeah, " she said through a full mouth. "Definitely will be." She reached into her bag and ran a paw over the smooth, blue cover of her diary.

"I wonder what they meant by I would know what they'd mean, " Samantha murmured to herself.

"What did you say?" Elena asked, cocking her head to the side in confusion.

Samantha jumped. "Ah, nothing. I just have a habit of talking to myself... since, you know, home stuff."

"I see, " Elena said with a smile. "I guess I see where you're getting at. Anyways, we should leave in five minutes - class starts at 8:15, and it's already 8:05. Luckily for us, we've already checked out the classroom! Illegally, of course."

Samantha chuckled and closed her backpack. "Alright, then. Five minutes it is."

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