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This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6070

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There was a long silence.

"So...?" Luna asked slowly. "Is that... something weird?"

Samantha breathed a sigh of relief. "So... you believe me?"

Luna shrugged. "I mean, why not...?"

Samantha eyed the diary lying on her bed. "Well... you see, pretty much no one believed that I had this... power. Not even my own family."

"Really?" Sharon gasped. "That's terrible! Why don't they?"

Samantha gazed blankly at the opposite wall for a few seconds, comprehending Sharon's words. "Well... My family, at least what I've heard, has never had powers. Ever. And that includes my sister, Astra... er, Astrantia. And my power isn't exactly... visible." She eyed her diary again and said nothing more.

"Aww, that's sad." Sharon sighed. "Maybe one day, you'll be able to show them?"

"I... guess so." Samantha said, ignoring the glance Elena sent her." Anyways, less about about me, more about you guys. How did you guys find out about your powers?"

"Our family are either poison, plant or both. It's not really hard for us - we have tests and stuff since most of us get a power that one of our family members have or something." Luna replied. "I found my power first. I was poking around the poisonous plant garden we had -"

"Even though she wasn't allowed, " Sharon added. Luna shrugged. "I didn't care. So I was wandering around, and trying to identify plants and stuff. As I was walking, I happened to turn around and I found a trail of poisonous plants in my wake. I can control it better now though."

Luna sat down on her haunches. "It only works on dirt and stuff though."

Sharon glanced over at her sister and back to Samantha and Elena. "My story's pretty simple. My mom just ran a few tests and I found my power."

"And Zephyr?" Elena prompted.

"Oh, him." Luna chuckled. "Well, I decide

d the door. "Well, that was fun."

Samantha nodded. "Yep. But now, we have to tidy up... and pack for school, of course. Ew."

Elena burst out laughing at Samantha's expression. "Same here - I hate school, but we've gotta do it. After all, that's basically the reason we're here."

"Yeah, I know, but still..." Samantha trailed off. "Well, fine. Might as well..."


{{ Dear Mirror, We hung out with Sharon and Luna and watched a movie. It was... fun, I guess. Now I'm just chilling on my bed. It's something past ten - er, twenty past ten, and I'm done with my packing up. My room looks surprisingly neat compared to my previous room, but it's still not done. The good thing is that I've gotten some room decor that I really like - I'll put them up later after school or something. The bad thing is that school starts tomorrow, so... yeah. I hate school.

Elena's not done yet - something about selecting outfits and stuff - so I'm just waiting for her to finish. Speaking of which, I should go wash up...

Alright, then. Tomorrow's school, which sucks (I hate school - I mean, who doesn't?), but as Elena put it, at least I have friends in my classes. Well, see you tomorrow, Mirror. Bye. }}

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