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   Chapter 10 NO.10

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 7118

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{{ Dear Mirror, We went out to eat just night at a cafe. It had amazing hot chocolate - it's sweet, but not so sweet that I can't stand it, and the marshmallows added to it just makes it perfect! My favourite food might just be Alpinia hot chocolate now...

Oh, and we met three students here. They were siblings - er, what were their names again? Sharon was the nicest one - she's apparently the oldest. She has, um, black fur and a dull green tail, and coppery-gold eyes? Oh, and she also had really long, blue hair. Apparently it's dyed, and what did she say about it? It used to be black... I wonder how much dye it took to dye her hair.

Anyways, her twin was named, um, Luna. She's... cool, I guess. She nearly looks identical to Sharon aside from her darker eyes and hair. Maybe we can be friends?

And there's *cough* Zephyr. He's apparently the younger sibling - he has dark grey fur, black and white streaked hair and blue eyes. Do you think that's Elena's 'type'? He tried to flirt with her and she *cough* WINKED at him. Oh, and he gave her his phone number and she took it. Elena has a cruuush~

Well... okay then.

Oh, you're back.

I'm not even going to answer that. So, what do you think of the three siblings? I told you you'd end up talking with them.

Hmph. That was just a COINCIDENCE.

Yeah, whatever you say. So, school starts tomorrow! How do you feel about that?


Yeah, I agree, but if you don't go, well, nothing interesting is going to happen. So... good luck!

Well, thanks. Did you hear the sarcasm in there?

Totally. So, is there anything else I should have you do...?

What? Pfft, you don't control my actions. See? I moved my paw. Did you control that?


Exactly. So, uh, what now -



You still have to text your... uh, friends.

Oh, right! Well... hmph. Thanks, I guess.

And there you have it. I just controlled your actions.

You mean you REMINDED me. I'm going to do it now and you don't control me. Goodbye. }}

Samantha put down her diary and looked around her dorm. She pulled herself off her bed with a huff and padded over

owers and hers combined can basically make the antidote to any poisonous plant, even if it's not native to this place."

"I see." Elena said, nodding. After a few seconds, she asked casually, "And what about your brother?"

"Zephyr's immune to poisonous plants. He's Rank 2." Luna stated. "He's probably moping in his dorm about how we all ditched him."

Sharon smiled sheepishly. "I mean, boys aren't allowed into girls dorms after a certain time, I think. But he'll be fine."

"That's... nice to know." Elena said, nodding. "Well... I'm Elena Kitsune. I'm Rank 3 because I kinda shot a piano at Abbey - yeah, that's a long story - and I have the power..." She hesitated. "Actually, let me just show you."

She pointed her paw at the wall. Samantha quickly grabbed her paw and pulled it down. "Don't! You don't know what you'll shoot and I'd like to preserve this wall, thank you very much!"

"Hm, fine." Elena lowered her paw. "I can shoot basically anything out of my paw. But it's pretty random, so I have no idea what I'll shoot."

"Sounds cool, " Luna said, sounding just slightly interested. "And you?"

"Me?" Samantha asked, surprise lacing her voice. "Well, I'm Samantha, and I'm Rank 3... and I, uh..." She glanced over at Elena.

Elena shrugged, as if saying 'your choice'. Samantha took a deep breath and looked at the sisters.

"I... I have a connection to a being beyond this universe."

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