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   Chapter 9 NO.9

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6066

Updated: 2018-02-09 18:53

{{ Dear Mirror, Elena and I finished ordering and now we're just waiting for the food to arrive. Wait a second, Elena wants to see the Author's previous messages, let me just flip back -

There's no need for that.

Oh? You're here? Elena's still watching, she just asked me if you were real...

Of course I am. However, about you guys...

Don't even go on about that thing. Anyways, we're just sitting here, waiting for our food... oh, and we ordered hot chocolate! Alpinia is known for its hot chocolate, and looking around at everyone else's food, it looks like they provide marshmallows as well!

Sounds good. Anyway, how about you... look over there? You know, to your right and back...

Um, why? First of all, why would I? Second... there's nothing special. Just a few dogs.

Weren't you asking about students from your school?

No, I wasn't.

Hmph. Whatever. You should go and talk to them.

I don't care. They might not even be students.

They are.

You don't know that.

Fine, then. Be like that. You'll end up talking to them anyway.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. So -

???: You from Alpine High?

Elena: Yep! You?

???: Nice! Same here. What're your names?

Me: I'm Sam. Short for Samantha.

Elena: Elena. How about you?

Actually, I'm just going to stop writing since it's 'rude' to write when someone's talking to you. Gimme a second. }}

Samantha lowered her book and took a closer look at the stranger - a dark grey furred dog with bright blue eyes and black and white streaked hair.

"I'm Zephyr. Zephyr Nightshade, nice to meet you all." He winked. "And I'm here with my sisters -"

"Shut up." A black furred dog spoke. She had black hair, which was dyed purple-blue towards the ends. She scowled at Zephyr and then at Samantha. "Don't associate me with him, " she

Luna let out a rare chuckle as she padded over to the dogs. "You made my brother shut up? You seem like a cool person. Maybe we can be acquaintances someday."

"See? I knew you'd all get along, " Sharon said, grinning. "Here, have our usernames for Snoutbook. We might even be in the same classes!" She passed Elena and Samantha a post it note. "I like to keep stuff like this around in case we meet anyone... interesting, " she added. "So, uh, see you online later? We need to head to the mall to grab some stuff, and it's getting late..."

"Sure, see you later!" Samantha smiled at the three dogs as they left the cafe. When they were out of sight, she let a sly smirk cross her snout as she turned back to Elena. "So, what do you think about...?"

"They were... fine." Elena said carefully. "Don't go on about... him, though. I just like to unsettle guys who try to flirt with me."

"Sure, Elena, " Samantha said, still smirking. "Of course, it's totally not like you're... interested in him or anything...?"

"Hmph. Just eat your food." Elena mumbled, shoving her face into her bowl in an attempt to not look at Samantha.

Samantha giggled under her breath and prodded at her steaming meal.

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