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   Chapter 8 NO.8

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 5990

Updated: 2018-02-09 18:52

{{Dear Mirror, So we went and explored a bit. School's big but pretty boring, as far as I could tell. Nobody else really spoke to or bumped into us, which was... better, let's put it at that. I'm just chilling in my dorm and waiting for Elena to get ready to get dinner - she takes ages to change!

Anyway, let's see... what happened today? Alright, alright... hm. We met that guy called Alexander, er... something related to leaves. He seemed to be a pretty nice guy, at least for a Rank 2 guy. He has black fur, glow-y blue eyes and a green tail that looked like it was made of fire. Oh, and a leaf on his head. Really... hm, anxious, though? He seemed like a worrier. The last time I saw him, he was huddled him in the corner of the room we'd been talking in (by the way, we were talking in a room because he was scared that Abbey would come along) so he wouldn't be seen with us. Are Rank 3 dogs really that bad?

Oh, and we also met someone named... er, Kate something. Some sort of weird last name I can't remember. She has white fur and white and pink hair... and dark blue eyes. She was... interesting, I guess. She warned us about the Abbey thing too... is Abbey really that much of an influence?

For a... nicer change, we met this girl called Eve Raven... er, Ravensloft. She's Rank 3, apparently, even though she has a pretty cool power - telekinesis. She helped us open the door to the English classroom and congratulated us on the rebellion thing. Who knows? We might just become friends sooner on...

So that's everyone we talked to. I've seen a couple of other students around, but we haven't talked to them yet. I've also heard that there are rumours about me and Elena? Well, mostly Elena since she DID shoot a piano at Abbey. An entire piano. Yep, the -

You've gone o

n, there are loads of students at our school." Elena replied. "So, according to my phone... the place with the most restaurants should be just along there. Is there anything that catches your eye?"

Samantha scanned the rows of restaurants on the street Elena was gesturing at. "Well... I don't care." She said, shrugging. "It's your choice."

"Hmm... every restaurant's pretty crowded... Hey, look! That one looks like it has seats..." Elena quickly led Samantha through the crowd, toward the restaurant she was talking about. It was dimly lit but it looked fairly cozy and warm. Samantha could see a few empty seats through the window.

Elena pulled Samantha through the doorway. "Two seats?" A warm, feminine voice asked. Samantha turned to see a dog, dressed in a waiter's outfit and carrying a clipboard.

"Yes, please!" Elena said politely, smiling back. The dog led them to two seats and brought them two cups of water. "Take your time ordering, " she told them. "I would recommend the hot chocolate, really, " she added. "We're quite famous for it, actually."

Samantha watched the dog leave to greet another customer. "Well..." she said, turning to Elena. "What do you want?"

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