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   Chapter 7 NO.7

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6150

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The two dogs hurried down the hallway. "We have a reputation now, I guess!" Elena commented, chuckling. "We're not going to be so easily defeated!"

Samantha smiled and nodded. "I agree! But, uh... not to ruin the mood or anything, but what if they're right? What if they've seen people who've tried before and failed?"

Elena slowed down for a moment as if to consider it. "Well... I guess they're underestimating us!" A grin broke across her snout. "We're going to be the ones who stop Abbey's reign, once and for all!"

Samantha smiled despite herself. "Glad to see you're so optimistic. Anyways, uh, where are we going next?"

"I dunno." Elena shrugged. "We can check out the different classrooms, I guess." She whipped out her timetable and peered at it. "Hm... where are we now...? Ah, the main building..."

Samantha leaned over Elena's shoulder to peer at her timetable. "We're on the second floor... so, the English classrooms."

Elena put away her timetable. "What a coincidence! We have English first... oh. I don't actually like English... though I would like to take a look at the classrooms."

"Hm? English? Well, it's not bad..." Samantha trailed off as Elena bounded onwards. "Hey, look, it's EN203!" She stopped by the door and peered through the glass. "Ooh, look at that! Artwork!"

"M... macbeth." Samantha stated, reading off the giant words on the banner hanging above the art. "Seems to be based of one of William Shakespaw's works."

"Aww man! It looks really gory! Awesome!" Elena tested the lock and frowned as she realised it was locked. "Oh... looks like you need some sort of card to get in." She glanced over at the card reader at the side. "Maybe I can produce a card...?" She lifted her paw and pointed it at the reader.

"I mean, Shakespaw is known to write gory stuff... hey, Elena, wait! It

idn't look like anything special to her, but she decided not to say it out loud. Instead, she read the quotes along the side. "Out, that... ah, it's that famous quote."

Elena had already moved on to the next piece. "I can hardly do anime-style art, never mind realism, " she said with a dreamy sigh, gesturing at the painting of a female dog's snout. Samantha looked over at it and back at Elena. "That's Lady Macbeth." She offered, shrugging. "The wife of Macbeth in the story and..."

"Other boring English stuff. Not to offend you, but I don't like English. I'm just interested in the art." Elena replied.

"None taken." Samantha said with a shrug. "Are you done here?"

Elena stared longingly at the artwork along the shelf. Samantha tapped her paw and looked up at the clock. "You can come back next time, you know. We still have to visit the other classrooms."

Elena sighed and nodded. "Alright, I guess so. So, where do you want to go next?"

Samantha pressed the switch to open the door and pulled the door open. "The Math rooms are upstairs. I want to check out 404 - it's my Math classroom, after all."

"It's my classroom too!" Elena exclaimed, whipping out her timetable again. "Alright, let's go!"

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