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   Chapter 6 NO.6

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6669

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Samantha's eyes lit up as she saw Elena trotting through the cafeteria, carrying a tray in her jaws. "Elena! Over here!" She called, waving. Elena turned around and bounded towards her, somehow managing to keep everything on her tray as she did so.

Elena's tray clattered to the table. "Hey, Sam! What do you want to do later? We have the whole of today to chill." The brown haired dog grabbed a spoon and quickly delved into her meal.

Samantha shrugged and picked half heartedly at the remainders of her meal. "Dunno. We could... get to know people? Or we could explore the school."

"How about hitting two birds with one stone?" Elena offered, looking up from her tray. "And we can find our classrooms for tomorrow so we don't get lost! Don't want to make a fool of ourselves after all."

Samantha nodded. "That's settled, I guess. Well -"

"May I sit here?" A quiet yet firm voice asked. The two dogs looked up to see a white furred dog in a hoodie next to their table, a tray balanced perilously on their paws.

"Sure, I guess." Elena said after sharing a glance with Samantha. "Do you need help with your tray -"

As if responding to the statement, the tray of food slipped out of the dog's paws. Samantha and Elena yelped and attempted to catch the falling tray.

The two of them recoiled as they felt cold wind brush their paws. The tray and its contents tilted, but did not fall on the table - instead, it floated in the air. The mysterious dog calmly watched as her tray slowly and carefully landed on the table. "I apologise for that." She stated, sitting down. "My name is Kate Fuyukaze, and if you could not tell, I am a wind elemental."

Samantha blinked a few times, tryings to comprehend what happened. "I... assume you're Rank 1?" She blurted out.

Kate nodded. "Your assumption is right, but do not mistake me for one of her... minions. I do not agree with Abbey's way of... ruling but I do not think meddling with her is a good idea. She has some powerful force

down. "Uh, you two are the ones who... annoyed Abbey yesterday, right? I, uh, didn't catch your names..."

"Great, now we have a reputation, " Samantha murmured, just loud enough for Elena to hear.

"I'm Elena Kitsune and this is Samantha... uh, Sam Rowell." Elena introduced. "And, uh, yes, we were." A small smile crossed her face as she recalled the memory.

Alexander bit his lip and looked at the door. "Well... that wasn't the best idea -"

Samantha frowned. "Ex-cuse me, but we've heard enough of that already. We'll be able to deal with it, right, Elena?"

Elena nodded eagerly. "And no one's going to be able to stop us!" She high fived Samantha and turned to Alexander, who seemed to be shrinking away under their gaze.

"Ah... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I just wanted... um, you know..."

"You don't need to apologise!" Samantha blurted out. "We just, uh, got a little excited. But... thanks."

"I see..." Alexander mumbled. "Well, you're welcome. Be careful out there, okay?" He flinched slightly and looked away, ashamed. "I'm, uh... just going to hide here for now... if she catches me with you guys, she..."

"Alright, we understand." Elena nodded. "Come on, Sam, let's go." The orange furred dog nodded at Samantha and opened the door.

"Let's get back to it!" Samantha announced.

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