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Samantha put down her diary on the simple, wooden table that had been there when they had entered their dorm. Elena looked up as the blue-haired girl stood up. "Done talking to your... alien friend?" She asked, not unkindly.

Samantha smiled and shook her head. "They're a weird one, let's put it at that." She slid off her bed and landed on four paws on the floor. "Do you want to go out later?" She asked, reaching down and opening her suitcase. "We could shop or something."

Elena nodded eagerly. "Sounds good. I can stock up on clothes and stuff, since I left most of it at home. Let me finish off decorating what little I have first, then we can head off!"


The two dogs strolled out of school, laughing rather loudly as they went. The looks that other dogs flashed them didn't faze them at all; in fact, it just caused them to laugh louder. They exited the school and after checking the Map function on their phones, headed to the nearest mall.

"And she said, 'it's nothing' -" Samantha's laughter abruptly turned into a shocked yelp as she bumped into someone. The said someone snarled fiercely and stepped back, immediately whipping out a bow made of some sort of dark matter, with a single arrow was pointed directly at Samantha's chest.

"Halt! What brings one like yourself in my way on a such a fair day?" The dog barked, weapon still drawn. Samantha looked down at the arrow pointed at her and stepped back slowly, paws raised. "Uh, sorry about that, haha, maybe you want to put away that... uh, weapon?"

Slowly, the dog lowered her weapon, while peering suspiciously at Samantha's face. Finally, the weapon dematerialised with a small puff. "An accident, I see. Good to be acquainted with you. I am Kiara Jay, knight in training." Kiara bowed slightly and saluted them. "I must be off. The dark carries many dangers, or so I hear. Better to stay in during night and let the knights handle it." The dark furred dog gestured at the darkening sky and bounded away.

"What a strange dog, " Elena remarked, when Kiara was out of hearing range. Samantha nodded. "Anyways. Let us be off, too, to the mall!" Elena giggled at Samantha's horrendously bad impression of the stranger and they set off once again.


"This dress would look, like, amazing on you!" Elena squealed, holding up a blue and purple ombre dress. Samantha squinted at it. "It makes me look like a fish, " she muttered, holding it in front of the mirror. Now I know Elena's weakness, huh? Shopping...

Elena went silent. Samantha turned, slightly disturbed by this sudden silence, and was met with the largest puppy-dog eyes she had ever seen since Astrantia's.

"Pleease, Sam? I found a matching one for me, too! We can wear them at the next party or something so we don't seem too out of place...?" Elena held up a red and orange ombre dress of the same design, eyes still sparkling.

Samantha bit her lip and turned away. "Ugh, fine, " she grumbled, finally giving in.

Elena grinned back mischievously. "So you can't resist puppy-dog eyes, huh?" She giggled, tossing the blue and purple dress at Samantha. Samantha pouted slightly and caught it. "Hmph. Only because I don't have enough clothes."

The two made their way through the store, selecting various clothes to try on. The two finally walked out of the store carrying various pieces of clothing.

"It's only six. Let's start looking at furniture!" Elena sprinted away, cackling. Samantha frowned and followed her. "Well, okay then...."


{{Dear Mirror, We're back from our shopping trip. Elena's showering and I'm just sitting on the bed... We basically went and bought a lot of stuff. Furniture, clothes, and we even went to geek out at that fandom shop. I thought I saw that Keira girl there, but when I looked again she was gone. We also met this g

irl called Kiara along the way - she's pretty weird. She talks weird, too, and she pointed an arrow at me because I bumped into her.

She has black hair in a ponytail, and dyed - at least, I think it's dyed - pink bangs, which is actually pretty modern compared to how she dresses. She also has black and dark blue fur and blue eyes. She even dresses like it's the Medieval Times. She ran off yelling something about the dangers of night and leaving it to the knights to handle it, which is... weird, I suppose.

Anyways, some of the stuff we bought: uhh, the dresses she begged me to buy - she got an orange one and I got a blue one.

Elena begged me to buy them and even gave me puppy-dog eyes. PUPPY-DOG EYES - my biggest weakness! Ugh. To be honest, these dresses aren't bad... she got the orange one and I got the blue one. They're matching, which is... cute, I guess. Anyways, I got some extra clothes and some furniture... oh, and some fandom posters! I'm going to put them up in my room right now. We also bought some paint for our room - we're going to spend tonight looking over aesthetically pleasing rooms to choose a design for ourselves! This is going to be amazing!

I wish my life was that perfect.

Oh, you're back.

Yep. I can't wait to introduce the other characters.

The other... what?

Never mind. Anyways, time to conjure a distraction...

What? What do you mean, distraction -

Elena: Hey, it's your turn now! *steps out from the bathroom*

Me: Oh, thanks.

Anyways, I'd better go. Seeya, Mirror. }}


Samantha yawned and turned over in her bed, rubbing at her eyes. "What time is it?" She asked the empty air, before reaching for the small table clock on her bedside.

"10:15... it's pretty late." She put down the clock and got out of bed. On the bed on opposite side of the room, Elena snored softly and pawed at the sheets, still asleep.

Samantha entered the bathroom and quickly got herself ready for the day. She changed into a plain white shirt and her favourite grey hoodie. She eyed the box of makeup on the bathroom counter suspiciously - does Elena use makeup? - before heading out to wake her dorm mate.

"Hey, Elena, wake up. It's half past ten now." She gently shook the other dog's shoulder, but got no response. She frowned and shook her hardly. "We need to get breakfast, Elena, " she continued.

Elena, still half-asleep, lifted her paw and aimed at Samantha. The grey dog's eyes widened with shock and she ducked.

Something shot over her head with a whistle. It clattered against the opposite wall and fell to the floor with a clink. Samantha crawled over to it, still keeping her head down just in case Elena decided to shoot something else, and picked it up.

A frying pan. Samantha lifted it in front of herself as some sort of makeshift shield as she padded over to Elena. "I'm leaving without you, " she warned the sleeping dog.

"Meet you 'n the canteen..." Elena murmured, pulling the sheets over her head. Samantha sighed and put down the frying pan. "Whatever. Bye." She dropped the pan, turned around and left the dorm, making sure to close and lock the door behind her.

"If it isn't little miss no powers, hm?" Samantha tensed up as she heard an all-too familiar voice. Abbey strolled over, smirking as she saw the other dog stop walking. "Aw, don't feel too bad. Just because Ms Elena over here -" She gestured at the door, "- chose you over me doesn't mean you'll be... safe." She giggled and batted a dismissive paw at Samantha. "Anyways, see you. I have... more important things to be doing instead of talking to the Rank 3 dog like yourself." The pale brown dog strutted past.

Samantha glowered at Abbey's back as she left. "Just you wait, Miss Peters, " she growled, "I'm going to get you back for that. Just you wait."

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