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Something shot through the air and bounced off Samantha's head. She turned around, peeling back her lips in a snarl - but there was no one there aside from the three dogs at the front of the line, who had finally stopped staring, and the line of dogs waiting to be 'registered'. However, the dog at the very front of the line caught Samantha's eye.

"Elena Kitsune, " The orange furred dog began, but she was almost immediately cut off by Abbey. "Oh my! Your hair is just... fabulous! You pull off the Beach Waves hairstyle from Amera sooo well, and it goes really well with your fur!"

She was met with silence. Samantha hid a giggle at Abbey's expression. "Um, hello? I'm talking to you! Elena!"

Elena finally spoke. "Queen Bees and your 'flattery' talk. Interrupting me, eh? You think that's smart of you? Let me assure you - I don't care what you say, you're not getting anything out of me. I'd rather be dead than even be friends with you."

Samantha grinned. "I like you already, " she murmured to herself as she watched Abbey's expression go from shock to anger.

"You just put yourself at the very bottom of the rankings, Ms Kitsune." Abbey spat. "Rank 3. Dorm number FD324. Locker 639. Now get out of my sight." Abbey thrust several keys towards Elena's general direction.

Elena smirked and snatched the keys out of Abbey's paw. "But I haven't told you my hobbies and power yet!" She said, magenta eyes sparkling mockingly.

"Don't care. Get out." Abbey growled. Riley stepped forwards with a huff, a spear made of ice forming in her paws. "You want to fight, little missy?" The purple haired dog snarled, jabbing the weapon towards Elena's snout.

Elena's smirk never vanished. "You sure about that?" She chuckled softly and lifted her paw, curling it into a child's imaginary gun.

"And... bang." She 'pulled' the trigger, a sadistic smile still spread across her snout. A piano materialised out from what seemed to be her paw and shot towards the three dogs. Abbey screeched with fear and Riley's eyes widened with horror.

A shield made of light suddenly appeared and surrounded the three dogs. A gust of wind blasted the flying piano and abruptly shattered the musical instrument. Splinters of wood and ivory flew everywhere, causing the queue of dogs to scatter with howls or screams.

The light shield faded as the cloud of dust rose and faded away, revealing the third dog standing in front of the other two with a paw outstretched. The brown furred dog averted her eyes nervously as she realised she was the center of attention and she shrank back with a whimper.

"Good job, Keira." Riley finally said, giving the shorter dog a rare smile. Abbey forced a smile and nodded. "Yeah, good job." She turned around to face the line, which had finally regrouped again. "Next!" She called, as if this was an everyday occurance.

Elena strutted away, keys dangling from her jaws. She scanned the crowd as if looking for someone - and her eyes finally settled on Samantha.

"Samantha, was it?" She asked, her smile becoming genuine. "You seem like a cool person. What did you think of my show?"

Samantha blinked a few times before finally realising that Elena was talking to her. "Uh... it was great! But why a piano?"

Elena grinned. "Oh, I don't choose what I shoot. Now, I've heard we're dormmates...?"

"We are?" Samantha echoed, checking her key number. A smile spread across her snout as she compared it to Elena's key. Their eyes lit up as they realised that they matched.

"School might actually be fun for once, " Samantha commented, eyes still sparkling mischievously. "Race you to the - our dorm?"

Elena nodded and abruptly set off. Samantha bounded after her in chase, the two of them laughing as they sprinted out of the main building and towards the dormitories.


{{Dear Mirror, (I've given up on the mirror thing)

We've finally reached our dorm. Who? Me and my dormmate, Elena Kitsune. She's really cool - personality and power wise! To be honest, I'm shocked that she chose me as her friend. We get

along really well!

Her name's Elena - she has really pretty brown hair, orange fur and magenta eyes. She also wears this really fluffy looking cream sweater! She looks like one of those arrogant Rank 1 people - especially since she's actually really pretty - but she isn't! She totally wrecked those Rank 1 dogs - did you see how terrified Abbey and Riley were?! Ha, take that! They deserved it for threatening me before. The other dog with them, though, actually seems nice. I'm not sure why she was with them: I guess she's a Rank 1 too. She managed to keep the piano Elena shot - did I mention that Elena can shoot random objects from her paw? - from hurting anyone too badly. I think she had light and wind powers? Two elemental powers are really rare, aren't they? I'm kinda jealous, but at the same time I wouldn't want to be in her position. No way I'd want to be their friends.

Well, lemme see. Abbey has blue hair - pretty long, a bit like Elena's hairstyle, actually, pale lavender eyes and grey-ish cream fur. Riley's the rebellious looking one with the purple and green low ponytail, denim jacket and white, purple, blue and pink fur. And... Keira, was it? Keira's the shy looking one with long brown hair, pale brown fur and green eyes. Yeah. They don't look like normal 'Populars', or so I've heard, but I guess things here work differently.

Because people are going to get bored with the 'Popular' and 'Outcast' thing.


... Nothing.

Anyways, the registering thing didn't go too well. At least Astra didn't see... My thing basically went like:

Me: I'm Sam, I like gaming, I have a telepathic connection to the other world.

Abbey: Haha, pfft, no. Liar. Rank 3, dorm number, blah blah blah. Now get out of my way.

Me: ...

Abbey: *smiles evilly* Stop holding up the line.

Then she summoned a vine to threaten me. Obviously, that wouldn't scare me, but Riley basically threatened me with an ice spear in front of everyone and nobody said anything! Like seriously, what is wrong with this school??

Anyways, Elena's thing basically went like:

Elena: I'm Elena Kitsune -

Abbey: OMG, you're Rank 1 material -

Elena: Lol no.

Abbey: You dare refuse?? Rank 3, you suck.

Elena: What about my powers? :D

Riley: You want to fight?

Elena: Maybe :D

Then she shoots an entire piano out of her paw. Like, AN ENTIRE PIANO?!!! You know, the musical instrument!! The other girl, Keira, summoned a light shield and blasted the piano to dust with her wind powers. That was actually kinda cool, but it's not like I'll ever admit that to those Rank 1 arrogant jerks. Keira's okay though. Just not the other two.

Did you know that Elena's actually sorta like one of my friends in my universe? It really was a coincidence though, I actually came up with her before I knew them. And another coincidence, she has the exact same first name too!

You mean there are more of you in your universe?

Well, duh. It'd be quite boring if it was just me. It's actually not too different from your world, but just... less technologically advanced and... a lot more humans. My species.

A what?

You know what? It's too hard to explain. Just go on with your life.

Right... Anyways, we raced to our dorm, but we soon figured out that we didn't know where the dormitories were. Luckily for us, some girl pointed us in the right direction. I think her name was... Kate? She seems pretty cool, but she didn't really say much. Here's a picture of her:

I'm just sitting in my dorm now writing. Elena's busy decorating her side of the room, but I don't have much to decorate my room with aside from my posters and stuff. I might get some stuff to decorate my room with... Might as well start sticking up some stuff and putting my clothes away for now.

Well... oh, yeah, right. I snapped a picture of that Zuko Sandypaws guy for no reason whatsoever. I'll just put it here... By the way, I've never talked to him, but he seems like a playboy. Ugh.

Yeah, him. Anyways, I'd better get on with tidying up. Seeya, Mirror. }}

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