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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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"There really is a long line..." Samantha grumbled, standing on the tips of her paws in an attempt to see the start of the line. "What are we waiting for anyways?"

"Registering in, apparently." Astrantia replied. "I think they're going to be giving you your dorm number, key, locker and... rank."

"Rank?" Samantha echoed. "Why do they need a... rank?"

"Something about having people at around the same standard in a class so nobody gets left behind." Astrantia shrugged. "At least that's what it says in the brochure."

Samantha glanced down at the tacky brochure in her paws. It featured students that were smiling a little too brightly and classrooms that seemed a little too clean to be normal, and there was a little too much text for it to interest her. "Whatever." She muttered, shoving the brochure into her backpack. "If it makes them happy, I guess."


After what seemed like hours, the two finally could catch a glimpse of the front of the line. There appeared to be three dogs directing the line: the first was a pale, rose-brown dog with long, wavy blue hair. She held a clipboard between her paws and seemed to be engaged in conversation with the dog in front of her. On either side of her was a dog: one with brown fur and wavy chestnut hair, and the other with white fur and purple and green hair in a messy ponytail. The two dogs didn't seem to be saying or doing much: the brown one was playing with her hair while the white one was chewing gum.

"Are they supposed to be the ones sorting us into ranks?" Samantha whispered. Astrantia nodded slowly. "I... guess so. Anyways, it looks like we're going to have to go through a small interview. Try to give them a good first impression, alright, Sam? Dad told me to keep you out of trouble..."

Samantha felt anger well up inside her at the mention of his name. "Hmph." She snorted and crossed her paws. "Maybe."

Astrantia looked like she was about to protest when a voice called, "Next!"

The two jumped and looked to the front of the line. There were only a few dogs between them and the front, and they were close enough to hear what they were saying.

"As you may have heard, my name is Abbey Peters. Now, name, hobbies and powers." The blue haired dog continued, looking up briefly from her clipboard. The dog at the front of the line didn't even hesitate to speak.

"Well, darlin', I'm Zuko Sandypaws. I'm a fan of soccer, air racing and... mm, tinkering with machinery. Now, for my powers... I can touch upon one's feelings. Though I promise I'm not going to play with them - I'm not that kind of guy."

Samantha scowled as she tried to catch a glimpse of the dog at the front of the line. All she could see was a mop of green and white hair and pale, dragon-like wings.

"I don't like him already." She murmured to Astrantia, who seemed to be trying to listen. "Try to be quiet, Sam. I need to know what's going to help me make a good first impression." Samantha scowled and looked away, clearly unhappy with Astrantia's reply.

"Hmm... Zuko Sandypaws, was it? You're certainly a charming young fellow. Very well, Rank 2. Dorm number MD312, locker number 724." Came the sweet, high pitched voice. Samantha glared at the 'Zuko Sandypaws' as he strolled away, humming. For some strange reason, the hatred she felt for him lessened slightly - and she growled angrily as she realised it. Must be his stup

id power.

Samantha watched the next few dogs come and go, with most of them being Rank 2, two being Rank 3 and one being Rank 1. To be honest, she couldn't tell what decided the ranks - looks? Name? Hobbies? Personality?

"Next." Samantha jumped slightly as Astrantia stepped forwards. Oh, so we're at the front of the line?

"My name is Abbey Peters. Now, name, hobbies and powers." The blue haired dog smiled sweetly at Astrantia and fiddled with the rose in her hair.

"My name is Astrantia Rowell. I like baking and fund raising for the local charity back at my neighbourhood. I... don't have powers." Astrantia flashed Abbey her brightest smile. "By the way, your hair looks really nice! I love the way you styled it, and the rose...!"

"Aww, thank you! Astrantia Rowell, you say?" Abbey smiled. "Usually we put dogs with no powers in Rank 3, but... I think you'll do well in Rank 2! Your dorm number is FD542 and your locker is 829!"

Astrantia caught the multiple keys that were tossed at her and smiled back. "Thank you for your generosity!" She glanced back at Samantha and mouthed, "Be careful - I'll text you later." before heading away, clearly eager to get on to her dorm.

Samantha tried not to roll her eyes as a loud "Next!" was called. She stepped forwards and made eye contact with Abbey.

"My name is Abbey Peters, " The blue-haired dog stated, staring straight back at Samantha, "Now, names hobbies and powers." Abbey tossed her hair over her shoulder as she spoke.

"Samantha Rowell. Hobbies are gaming and surfing the net." Samantha hesitated for a moment. Abbey took this silence to prod her on. "And your powers, dear?"

Samantha glanced over at Astrantia's retreating back. She was out of hearing range: it was now or never. Samantha took a deep breath and steeled her nerves. "I have a telepathic connection to another universe."

Abbey stared blankly at her for a few seconds. "And...?" She prompted. Samantha scowled at her and crossed her arms. "What do you mean, and?! There's nothing else!"

Abbey sighed and shook her head. "Your sister was much nicer than you. I assume, being family, you don't have powers too... and lying about it. That's not good, dearie. Rank 3, dorm number FD324, locker number 623."

Samantha's scowl deepened and she practically snatched the key out of the other dog's paw. "Thank you so much, " she said sarcastically.

Abbey's sweet smile widened into something more sinister. "I suggest you stop holding up the line, " she growled softly. "Better leave now before something... worse happens."

Samantha held her ground and glared straight back. "Really now? What could you do to me?" she growled back, feeling her hackles rise.

A long vine slithered out of nowhere and coiled around Samantha's paw. She jumped slightly at the touch and the vine recoiled. Abbey smirked at Samantha's shocked expression and waved her off. "Next!" She called, giving the dog next to her a barely perceptible nod.

The dog with purple and green hair stepped forwards, a spear made of ice suddenly in her paws. "The name's Riley Scaven, kid, " she snarled, "and if you want your bones intact you should get on going." A cruel, almost sadistic, smirk spread across her snout as she spoke.

Samantha narrowed her eyes, but backed away without another word. She trotted away, trying to ignore the scorching glare that followed her.

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