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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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Samantha slammed her book shut with a huff and put down her multicolour pen. She got out of her seat and padded down the stairs. Her nose twitched as she inhaled the blueberry and chocolate aroma. Tail wagging, she followed the smell all the way into the kitchen.

Astrantia looked up when she heard the hoodie-clad dog enter. "Samantha!" she exclaimed cheerfully. "Are you ready to go to Alpine High?"

Samantha picked up a cookie and took a bite out of it before she spoke. "We're going tomorrow. Why would I be ready?"

Astrantia chuckled and ruffled the shorter dog's silver-blue hair. "Of course, Sam. I was just asking if you were mentally ready to go."

"I'll never be mentally ready to go to school, Astra." Samantha grumbled, but she couldn't help but smile. Her older sister's enthusiasm really was catching on to her.

The russet-furred dog laughed - a bright, tinkling sound compared to Samantha's own. "Just like you, huh, Sam?" She reached over to the counter and picked up the bag that had been sitting there when Samantha came down. "I'm going out to say goodbye to everyone with some more cookies. Will you be okay home alone?"

"I'll be fine." Samantha said, shaking her head. "It's not like we're never seeing them again - we're just attending a boarding school until the next holiday. You could come back and visit them over the weekends if you really needed to."

Astrantia chuckled. "Of course, of course. But it's such a long time!" She sighed deeply. "I'll miss playing with the pups after school..."

Samantha frowned. "Well, you go do your... thing. I'll be in my room doing my own thing."

"Alright, see you later!" Astrantia chirped, picking up the basket between her jaws and skipping out of the house. Samantha hurried back upstairs, eager to get on with her online games.


"My little pups are growing to be such fine, young adults!" Heather Rowell sniffed noisily and wrapped the two dogs in a hug. "I can't believe we won't see you until, what, half term break?"

"That isn't that long, mom." Samantha said, removing herself from Heather's embrace.

"We'll keep in touch, right, Sam?" Astrantia exclaimed, nudging Samantha. Samantha jumped slightly and scowled. "Maybe, I guess."

Peter Rowell padded over and patted both of them on the head. "Watch out for your sister, alright, Astrantia? Keep her from getting into... trouble."

Samantha tried not to glare as she spoke. "I'll be fine, dad." She muttered, glancing towards her suitcases. Astrantia smiled and spoke over her. "I'll do my best, dad!"

Peter hesitated for a moment. "Make me proud, okay, you two?"

"Of course!" "... I'll try."

Heather sniffed again. "Alright, don't want to be late for the bus, right, you two? I'll miss you."

"Aww, don't cry! We'll visit as soon as possible!" Astrantia exclaimed, embracing Heather again. Samantha watched the two for a few seconds before discretely coughing into her paw.

"Right, you two, get on going! The bus arrives in two minutes." Peter announced. Astrantia nodded and grabbed her suitcases. "Bye, mom! Bye, dad! Love you!"

Samantha hurried over to where her suitcases lay. Astrantia r

aised an eyebrow at her younger sister, earning her a small huff. "Yeah, sure. Bye, mom. Bye, dad. See you whenever." Samantha wheeled her suitcases outside without another word.

Astrantia chuckled at her sister's behaviour. "I think she means, love you too!" The sweater-clad dog picked up her suitcases and followed Samantha outside.

The two adult dogs watched their pups exit the house. Heather sniffed again and hugged Peter, who slowly hugged back. "Let's hope they stay out of trouble. Especially Samantha." He muttered.


{{Dear Mirror -


Now you believe me when I tell you that I can control your universe?

Hmph. You wish. Anyways, moving on: I'm sitting on the bus right now. It's a two hour ride, all the way from one side of Alpinia to the other. Alpinia, being one of the most famous cities, is also one of the biggest. My parents are sending me to Alpine High because it's one of the 'best' high schools in Alpinia. They were sorta reluctant at first, but me and Astra managed to persuade them to let us go to it. Astra wanted a better education while I... uh, well, I just wanted to go to a boarding school. I like having my freedom, okay?

Never mind about that. I'm seated next to Astra because I don't want to talk to anyone else yet. Most of the people on the bus are teenagers - probably going to Alpine High, since the last stop is only a five minute walk to the school. Alpine High opens an entire week before class actually starts, so students can get their dorms and get used to the school. This is the sixth day of that week, so I'll get today and tomorrow off to check out the school. Pretty cool, huh?

I mean, I did create it, so I know all about it.

Whatever helps you sleep at night. So... yeah, that's basically it. I might just sleep the whole way there... I'm not bothered to talk to anyone. So, uh, see you there.}}

Samantha closed her book and closed her eyes. She leaned against the window and allowed herself to drift off to sleep.


Samantha's eyes flickered open as she felt a paw nudge her. "Sam! Sammy! Wake up!" Astrantia whispered, already getting out of her seat.

"Mmph? What?" Samantha muttered. "Five more minutes..."

"We're getting off the bus!" The russet-furred dog sighed deeply and poked her sister again. "Wake up!"

Samantha yawned and opened her eyes, blinking blearily at the foreign surroundings. "Oh..." Stifling another yawn, she unbuckled her seat belt and pulled herself to her paws.

She joined the line of dogs getting off the bus. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight before her.

"It's a lot bigger than what it seems to be in the pictures, huh, Sam?" Astrantia chuckled at her sister's bewildered expression. "Let's grab our suitcases and head off." She gestured at the line of dogs already making their way towards the school. "It looks like there's going to be a long line. Let's try and hurry up so we can get there earlier, hm?"

Samantha nodded, still speechless, as her suitcases were thrust into her paws. She picked them up with her jaws and trotted after her sister.

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