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This is the Author here, and I'm writing a message to... you know, to anyone that can read it. In what form this message takes, if you can read it, take it with you. You'll need it.

{{Dear... wait a second.

Alright, first things off, let me make this clear - you're not a prissy little diary where I go on and on about girly things like boyfriends and stuff. Nope. Not at all. Just to make sure of it, I'm not going to call you a diary.

The only reason I'm even paying attention to this little book is because this is the book. It proves that I actually have a power, that I'm not lying about my telepathic connection to the world beyond ours.

You see: I have a theory that we're not the only universe in... you know, in the universe. I can prove that there are other universes out there, not unlike our own. How? As I said before, I can telepathically communicate to one of the living beings in another universe. I've managed to find a particular one that can communicate to me through this book, who calls themselves... the Author. Sounds weird, sounds crazy, but it's true!

... Alright. That didn't make sense at all, did it? Let me backtrack a bit...

I'm Samantha Rowell, and I'm quite obviously a dog. You know, to anyone out there who exists in a different universe where dogs don't exist. I have... uh, how am I going to explain this without making myself look stupid? So, uh, I have really, really pale blue-grey hair... grey, cream and blue fur, and pale purple eyes. I also really like wearing hoodies... I'm quite obviously a girl, but I prefer to be called Sam. Since it's shorter and... less girly. You know, stuff like that.

Okay, Sam. So you're the one communicating to be through this website called - um, never mind.


... Well, more about me and this book. As I said before, I can telepathically communicate to living beings in other universes. Somehow, this being called "The Author" appears to have inhabited my book.

A mirror.

Say what?

This isn't a book. You'll call this a mirror.

A mirror? Why would I want to call this a mirror?! I hate mirrors. I DESPISE mirrors. Why would someone invent a dreaded item that shows you your ugly face EVERY TIME you looked to your left?!

My mirror's on my right. Never mind about that, you will call this a mirror because it... reflects your thoughts. And my thoughts, I suppose.


Actually, I can. Being the Author, your universe is mine to control.


I... Look. I'm tired of people telling me I'm lying when I tell them I can control an alternate universe. You know how I feel, right?

... Maybe. But I DON'T CARE. PROVE IT!

If you insist, I suppose... alright. You will call this a mirror.


Well... I suppose there's no use talking reason into you. Well, go on about your sad life that I CREATED.

Pfft, you? Yeah, right. NOBODY created my life as far as I'm concerned. Aside from my mom, that is. Anyways, moving on...

My mom, Heather Rowell... uh, lemme see. I'm not bothered to print out pictures, so... I guess I'll just explain. She has... white-ish blue-ish hair? Yeah, that works. She likes to wear dresses, and her fur is a grey and white with some green... uh, fur. Let's see what I know about my mom... she loves flowers and keeping up with the latest trends. She's a great cook and a great mom, but she still treats me like a little pup. She keeps on telling me, "Stop lying about your powers, darling. Our generation's never had powers and never will have them. If you keep on lying to everyone about your powers, they won't be your friends, okay? It's okay to not have powers, but it's not okay to lie." Like, hello? I have powers and this book proves it??? Hmph.

My dad, Peter Rowell: he has brown hair and likes to wear suits. He's also convinced I don't have powers. I remember when I was a pup and I threw a tantrum about my powers. He yelled at me too... My mom comforted me after that, and he hasn't yelled at me ever since. I haven't told him about my powers ever since...

My older sister, Astrantia Rowell, but most people call her Astra for short: she has dyed orange hair and my dad's br

own fur. She's kind of like my mom and I honestly love her - she's genuinely kind and perfect even without any powers. She's popular in her own way - not in the way where you sashay around in dresses and put on makeup, but in the way where everyone knows her and likes her because she's probably helped you out at least once in your lifetime. And she's basically the only one who can actually tolerate me and my sarcasm.

Astra's also the one who got me this book. We were just wandering around in a bookshop (well, I was wandering - she was looking for books) when she pointed out a simple little book with a blue ombre cover. She offered to buy it for me because she said that it was practically "yelling my name". When I looked inside, I saw the message the Author sent me, so... here you are, I suppose.

To be honest, the only reason why people actually know my name is because of her. I just sulk around and follow her while she trots down the street handing out flowers, food and stuff to random people. I'm even going to say I'm jealous of her - she's so likeable and I keep on getting compared to her and told that I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful and kind sister but... I'm tired of her helping me to shape my life. Even if she doesn't know it.

I don't want to be known as Astrantia's younger sister - I want to be known as me, Samantha Rowell. And I'm going to get the chance to do that - because I'm going to a new school! Obviously, she'll be there, but I won't see her much because she's older than me. But I'll be able to get to know more people and make a name and reputation for myself - Samantha Rowell, the rebel, the -

Are you done with your rant yet?

I thought you left.

I created this universe. You don't just 'leave' right after creating a universe.

Yeah, right, you and your universe bending powers.

You can mock me all I want. I don't care.

Pfft. Like I care.

You should care. I created you, your universe, your mirror -

ANYWAYS, less about you, more about me. I'm going to a new school called -

Furford Academy - oh wait, that's in another universe.

- shut up. I'm going to a new school called Alpine High, which is located in Alpinia, one of the famous cities in Esbia.

Yaay. Time for a history and geography lesson.

I told you to shut up. Anyways, Esbia is the country where I live in, which is densely populated by dogs and canines. I live in a city called Alpinia, which is the coldest out of the famous cities. It's also famous for its food and hot chocolate, because one of the founders of Esbia, Alpinia, introduced hot chocolate to the Esbians and -


- ANYWAYS, there are also two other famous cities aside from Alpinia. They're called Aslain and Amera, named after two lovers who... founded Esbia and stuff. I don't know much about them because I've never been there, but I know they're famous for their fashion and clothes.

You done yet?

I could go on and on about this, but obviously, THE AUTHOR here is rudely interrupting every sentence I say... or write.

Paragraph, not sentence.

You just interrupted me again. HA! SEE! THAT WAS A SENTENCE!


Anyways, where was I again? Oh, yeah, Alpine High. It's a boarding school that's on the other side of Alpinia and most students stay in dorms and stuff. I also have my bags packed and I'm ready to go with Astra -

You're getting distracted.

- AHEM. Anyways, in this universe, most animals have powers, whether it be useless powers, like being able to clean up a room in the blink of an eye (that actually is sorta helpful... maybe.) or rare elemental powers, like fire or plant.

Mmhm. Your power is being able to break the fourth wall.

What's the fourth wall? Is it like, a literal wall that stops the universes from -

Sorta. I need to make you stop rambling -


Astra: Sam? Sammy? I've baked some cookies for you.

Me: Thanks. I suppose...

Astra: You're welcome! Did I mention they're your favourite, chocolate and blueberry?

Even though I'm jealous... I must admit, she's kind and an amazing sister. I'm going to go get the cookies and... I'll write in you tomorrow, I guess. See ya, mirror. Wait, MIRROR?!

I told you... }}

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