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   Chapter 98 No.98

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4842

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

The screen timed out with an error.

"What the hell, " he said with a shrug. In an act of blind optimism, decided to give his slidepad a try. He waved it across the door. It opened.

"What the hell?" he remarked in surprise, as he stepped inside.

He made his way to his apartment, and sure enough, his slidepad opened its door as well.

"What the hell!?" he repeated upon seeing his home for the first time since this mess had begun.

It was clean. Not cleaned out, as in robbed, but cleaned up. Takeout boxes had been removed; floors had been mopped. His tiny little home was downright presentable. As he was admiring it, the clicking footsteps of high heels startled him. He looked up to see a statuesque, dark-skinned goddess in a perfectly tailored business dress walk out of his bathroom.

"Welcome home, Mr. Alexander. You are late, " said Miss Misra. "I hope you don't mind that I had the place straightened up."

"Wha. . . what are you doing here?"

"I received your message, " she said, withdrawing a very lucky printout from its hiding place in her blouse pocket. "Let's see now. 'To: Miss Misra. From: That sunburned ass. Re: A word of warning. Dear Miss Misra, The password is where you had to touch up my skin cream.'" She grinned at him, tapping her left ear. "The contents of the attachment simply read, 'Don't let them activate it. Everyone will die.'"

"I can't believe you believed me, " he said, "I sent one to some

e years, after all of this time, it still managed to do that. He quickly answered.

"Michella!" he said, a bit more excitement making to his voice than he'd intended.

"Trev. Can I come in?" she asked, a smile that was almost nervous and shy warming her expression.

Lex turned to his guest/superintendent, touching the mute button.

"By all means. I must be going. I only remained so that I could explain the situation personally, and give you my gratitude."

"Yeah. Yeah, come on up, " he replied, releasing the mute and tapping the entry buzzer.

He turned back to Miss Misra.

"I do hope you'll consider working with my uncle, if he requests it, " she said, stepping toward the door. "We have plenty of legitimate pursuits that could benefit from your skills. And a handful that are less legitimate, if you are feeling adventurous."

"Right now, I think it might be a good idea to lie low for a while."

"A wise decision. And, Lex?" she said.

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