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   Chapter 97 No.97

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5198

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"What'll it be, T?" asked the cook.

"The usual, Marv, and call me Lex, would you?"

"You look like hell."

"I've been hanging out there for the last couple of weeks."

"Smells like it."

Lex had taken his time getting back to Golana. It wasn't that he wasn't eager to go back. It was just that spending a month terrified that someone was chasing him had a way of making him hesitant to lead them to places he was fond of. So instead he had been puttering around in his ship, flying in random loops and jukes until the MTE rations Ma had given him ran out. He'd left his slidepad off, watched his back constantly, and generally lived as though the government, a corporate syndicate, or the mob were after him--mostly because they probably were.

Eventually, though, he decided that if they were going to find him, they might as well get it over with. There was only so long that a human being could stand washing with moist towelettes or in the no-tell motels of the cosmos.

A bowl of chili and a bag of corn chips were placed before him, and he shoveled them down with more enthusiasm than any meal he'd eaten in a long time.

"You gonna pay me? Or is this the beginning of a new tab?" Marv asked.

"Here, " he said, tossing the last chip of his advance on the table. "Keep it. You know something, Marv?"

"I know lots of things, T."

"It is good to be alive, " Lex said, ignoring the quip and the stubborn refusal to adapt to his new nickname. "I'm heading home now, Marv."

"I don't see your bike anywhere."

"I figur

sidents of Operlo and ADC. Her name was everywhere, and her investigative skills told more of the story than the criminal investigation probably would ever have turned up. It had gotten her much praise, and caught the eye of some of the more prestigious journals and broadcast outlets. Police and press alike had asked where she'd gotten her information, but she only ever cited a "trusted source who wisely wishes to remain anonymous."

Finally, he reached his door.

"Okay, let's see. I was a half a month behind in my rent when I left. How long ago was that?" he muttered to himself, reflecting on what seemed like several lifetimes of events. "At least a month. So I'm a month and a half behind. That's two decent paychecks, probably. So I'm going to be homeless for at least two weeks."

He tapped the intercom.

"Mrs. Dunne, " he said. He continued to talk to himself as it negotiated a connection. "Hopefully I can convince her to let me get some of my clothes. Maybe I can get her to take my flatscreen in lieu of rent."

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