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   Chapter 95 No.95

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5263

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

With a roar of fury, Trent emptied the weapon into the wall of the conference room. Lex was flat against the floor, the bullets peppering and eventually shattering the high-rise window over him.

"In here, now!" Trent barked into his communicator.

The main door burst open and all six guards rushed in.

"He's in there. If he's still alive, drag him out. I want him to see this, " he ordered, working at something on his own slidepad.

In seconds they had broken the door, seized the unarmed courier, and were hauling him back into the office.

"This guy weighs a ton, " one of them grunted, struggling with Lex's lanky frame despite the fact that he seemed to be actively resisting only with his legs.

"Congratulations, " Trent raved, insanity in his eyes. "You won the battle, I suppose. That broadcast is out. Nothing I can do about it. I could cut it off, but every nearby planet is getting it as we speak. A sudden cut or communication blackout would only make it seem more deliberate. But mass media is medium priority on our transmission lines, standard FTL forwarding schedule. It won't get to Operlo or ADC-29R45 for at least three minutes. Security protocol is maximum priority. Near zero delay."

He traced a gesture on his pad and the screens in the office changed to a status screen. One by one, lines completed.

"Array Activation command transmission. . . Successful."

"No!" cried Lex.

"Yes, courier. Command sent. Non-retrievable. There is nothing that you or anyone else can do. I may go down. My company may get a black eye, but you can'

to escape, but, unfortunately, the incomplete prototype needed to recharge. Any attempts to deactivate it produced an error tone, and the now-rigid cloth would not release his hand. If Lex survived this, he was going to have to remember to tell Karter to fix that. He was left struggling with a hand that moved slowly through the air despite his best effort, as though he was dragging an invisible dumpster. The two guards who had escaped their ballistic colleague were getting to their feet, guns having slid to an unknown corner of the room.

Lex scrambled his feet against the floor, reaching for the stun rod of the fallen agent. The slowly-charging glove slid through the air a bit faster, his other hand's grasping fingers creeping closer to the rod. Finally, he snatched it from the ground and swung wildly, connecting with the knee of the first guard. He convulsed briefly and fell to the ground. Lex swung around, as though his immobilized hand was clutching a pole, and delivered a jolt to the second guard, prompting the same response.

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