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   Chapter 93 No.93

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5575

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

Once they were accepted, he selected one and loaded it onto the fingertip.

"Come on, come on, come on!" he pleaded, as he swiped it.

"Access Granted" scrolled across the panel. He triumphantly slipped inside. There was nothing surprising about this office. It wasn't one room, but a suite. Doors led to a small conference room, a private bath, and a study. First was a small waiting room, followed by another secured door that led to his primary office, bearing a desk equipped with an even higher-end computer and its assorted peripherals, including a high-resolution, positionable camera and a personal fabricator. Shelves and counters proudly displayed the ugly, angular acrylic and chrome trophies that business types gave each other for doing a good job.

Beside the door was a fully-stocked golf bag with clubs composed of exotic polymers and alloys. The walls were completely hidden. Much of the obscuring material was in the form of press clippings. Every conceivable format, from full motion video-paper displays with looping footage to old-fashioned dead tree newspaper clippings, showed him receiving medals, making announcements, and shaking hands with bigwigs. There were doors that led to a small conference room, a private bath, and a study. The rest of the wall space was devoted to display screens. Many showed the CEO's speech as it was being covered through various media outlets, the volume low but audible. The rest showed random, silent security feeds. . . including one showing himself, in real time.

His head whipped up to the source of the footage with near-whiplash-inducing speed to see a red light flashing.

"I turned those off!"

le slid to a sneer. His eyes narrowed in fury as he looked back to his prisoner.

"Gun, " he ordered simply, holding out his free hand. One of the guards handed him a sidearm, a standard issue, ballistic pistol with an extended magazine.

For a moment, Lex was certain that Trent was going to execute him where he stood. Instead, he spoke again.

"I want you to listen to me carefully. I am fully trained in the use of this weapon--not that I would need to be at this range. I don't care how fast you fancy your reflexes to be; there is nothing you could possibly do to me that could keep me from pulling the trigger. So if you try anything--anything--the contents of your head will be decorating the wall behind you. Do you understand?"

Lex nodded.

"Good. In a moment, I am going to dismiss my men to the door, and you are going to answer some questions. After that, we'll go over what you used to get this far, and after that. . . well, after that it doesn't really matter what happens. When they release your arms, I want you to keep them raised and hold perfectly still. Do you understand that?"

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