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   Chapter 92 No.92

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5125

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"Explain to me. . ." he began, quietly, before raising his voice to a scream. "Explain to me! What you are showing me simply isn't possible. There is no way that a single one of my security agents could be so incompetent as to miss this man, let alone an entire squad. And where the hell is Fisk!? He is supposed to report directly to me when he returns from assignment!"

"He may be in his office, sir, " offered Anders shakily. He was one of the unlucky men who had never had any aspirations of leadership or power, yet had ended up as one of Trent's go-to answer men, thanks to the horrible mistake of doing his job well. "There have been a large number of file accesses from his terminal."

"Bring up the cameras in his office."

"I can't, sir. He disabled them and I don't have access."

Trent growled, shoving the lower-level agent out of the way and logging in with his own credentials--that was to say, with his fingers. The cameras and other low-level scanners were reactivated, but the alarms were suppressed. In the office was a man in a mask staring anxiously at the datapad screen. Lex, who was about four inches shorter and thirty pounds of muscle lighter than Fisk, could in no way be confused for the owner of the office.

"I'll raise the alarm!" Anders piped, reaching for a second console.

"No, you idiot, " scolded his superior, "not with those news crews outside. And that man is in a very sensitive area. If he gets desperate, he could cause serious damage. We are keeping this quiet."

He tapped at th

example of the security chief's thumbprint. He flipped through the menu and put it in scan mode. A violet band of light erupted from the end, the screen reading "Sweep over surface." He swept over the lock panel, the light painting a three-inch-wide, laser-thin line, like a supermarket scanner. A streaked print lit up fluorescent yellow under the beam, but it was too smudged to read. No other nearby surface seemed able to hold a print either, except the floor, but Trent hadn't had the decency to do any handstands lately, it seems. He glanced back to the elevator. It was on its way up.

Running out of options, Lex's eyes snapped to a trash can near the door. He kicked it over and rummaged through. Napkins, ketchup packets, candy wrappers, and half-eaten fast food went splattering across the hallway as he rummaged through. Finally, he turned up a plastic coffee cup.

"Please please please please, " he muttered, awkwardly twisting the piece of garbage beneath the scanner. It registered four clear prints.

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