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   Chapter 91 No.91

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5843

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

The underling arrived to find his superior, Mr. Trent, alone in front of the elevator.

"Do you know anything about this admin override?" he growled, stabbing a finger at the datapad.

"It came in a few minutes ago. It looks like it was entered via an exterior access panel, under fingerprint authentication from Agent Fisk, sir."

"Fisk is back? Has anyone seen him?"

"Not yet, sir."

A bleeping sound drew their attention to the datapad. It was announcing that a wireless signature had been detected.

"That's the second time we've gotten that warning, " Trent grimaced.

"Yes, sir. I think there may be a problem with the monitoring systems. Our men in the surveillance room were reporting an intruder that the deployed agents could not locate."

"Do we have video?"

"Of course, sir."

"Show me. And run diagnostics. I can't be dealing with this right now. There is something very important I need to oversee, " he said, striding toward a nearby door.

Behind him, the elevator door slid shut. He turned, glancing at it suspiciously.


Inside the elevator, Lex switched the mental cloak back off and slid down the wall to the ground. His heart was pounding out of his chest, sweat was beginning to soak his mask, and there was a nasty, acidic taste in his mouth that didn't bode well for his gastrointestinal health.

Fisk's office was on floor seventy. That should have translated into a long ride during which he could recover, but the elevator was modern enough to have a serious motor driving it, so the numbers rocketed by. It was not, however, modern enough to have an inertial inhibitor, so the acceleration kept Lex on the floor despite a few half-hearted attempts to stand. As it neared floor seventy, it slow

to drag and tap with the purloined print, but, one by one, the commands were entered. A full graphical environment gave way to a white letters on a black screen. Drives were located and mounted. Directories were listed and navigated, and, finally, a deep file search for the word "Gemini" was initiated. Three dots began to flick on and off in sequence as the search dug through exabytes of data. At irregular intervals, a file name would pop up, but invariably it dealt with the astrological sign, or a model of car, or the constellation and the planets surrounding its stars. Fear-sweat ran down from beneath Lex's mask, trickling along his eyelids and dripping from his lashes.


Many floors below, in the main surveillance room, Chief Trent gazed furiously at footage of his men failing to see a strangely-dressed man with his face painted like a rock star who was standing right in front of them. In a tribute to Ma's foresight and Karter's resourcefulness, an IR scattering substance had been mixed into the paint as well, reflecting light into the lens and making him look like his face had been replaced with a sparkler. Identification was impossible.

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