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   Chapter 90 No.90

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5732

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The differences between it and a cattle prod were mostly academic, but the thinking was that if it worked on livestock, it would work on protesters. Internal circuitry calibrated the shock force at the moment of impact, ensuring that regardless if it was a drug-crazed biker or a cantankerous grandmother, the jolt delivered was just over the required amount to put them out of commission. That was the idea, anyway. In practice, it was more like just under the amount necessary to stop their heart, but the results were the same. Lex had once seen the business end of one back in college when he got a bit too rowdy in a bar. He was in no rush to repeat the experience.

When the young lady on duty failed to notice him just as all of the others had, he slipped through the detector. . . and promptly heard a terrifying sound. The display screen beside the detector blipped and explained that a wireless signature had been detected. He dug frantically through his equipment, ensuring his slidepad was powered off and that he hadn't mistakenly brought anything else with a transmitter, but still the warning flashed and a countdown to a "general alert" had begun. The guard took notice, and sighed in irritation before checking her own slidepad and radio, only to find that they too were deactivated. She began to look around curiously, tapping the screen. There were seventeen seconds left. Slowly she raised her stun rod and clicked it on.

Lex patted every pocket, feeling for anything he might have overlooked, but it wasn't until his hand brushed the antenna of the backpack that he realized the truth. The mental cloak! Karter had said something about it transmitting on. . . psychic wavelengths or some such.

ff of the elevator.

What followed were simultaneously the longest and shortest fifteen seconds of Lex's life. He looked desperately for a handy crate to hide inside, or maybe one of the ubiquitous man-sized ventilation ducts that always seemed to show up in the movies. No such luck. He was forced to press himself against the recessed wall and hope for the best.

There was a tone, and the elevator doors slid open. Out stepped a man in his early fifties, hair graying at the temples, in a standard business suit, sans jacket. His tie was loosened, and his cuffs and top button undone. He had the same sort of generic businessman look as the cookie-cutter CEOs, but there was a flustered and stressed look about him. Rather than marching down the hall, he stopped just outside the elevator door, blocking the way inside. Lex wasn't more than two feet away, flattened against the wall and plainly visible. At the moment, he seemed distracted by a datapad in hand.

"Agent Anders!" he called out.

"Yes, sir, Mr. Trent!" called out the nervous voice from earlier, as footsteps began quickly marching down the hall toward the elevator.

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