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   Chapter 88 No.88

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5067

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"We aren't going to see anything from here. I knew we should have gotten here earlier, " she fretted. "Can you get a shot at all, Ted?"

"I doubt it. The transmission truck from NewsCom is blocking the way, " said a squat older man, strapped with cameras, lenses, microphones, and everything else necessary to do a news report from the field. That was the funny thing about optics. The digital sensors had gotten better and better, smaller and smaller, but it never changed the fact that a bigger lens made for a better picture, so the real pros were still working with hefty equipment. "I've got the directional, so we can get some decent audio."

"Well, there's that. No offense, Ted, you do great work, but if we had brought one of those hovercam modules instead of you, we'd at least get an elevated shot."

"I've got a hovercam, but if we do that, this is going to be low-res. You okay with that?"

As the two began to deliberate over how best to produce a report that probably would decide the direction of their careers for the decade to come, Lex just stared. Without his clumsy, desperate maneuvering though the press area, the security crew had lost track and moved on, but that had hardly been his plan. Right now, staring was all he wanted to do. It wasn't until a squeal of feedback and a nervous business underling's voice announced that the speech would be starting in just a few minutes that Lex finally remembered he had a job to do.

Quickly, he realized that this well-timed reunion would el

m never going to be able to live with myself, and other people aren't going to be able to live, period. I can't do it alone though--I need your help."

"You honestly think that I would risk helping you do anything after the things you've gotten yourself into in the past?"

Lex glanced nervously at a pair of guards who were working their way back toward him. Distantly he heard the one in charge tell his partner, who was having trouble with his communicator, to check in on intercom 100212. He turned. It was the one directly behind him.

"Mitch, please. If you've ever trusted me before, trust me when I say this. In a few minutes, whether I succeed or fail, you are going to have the biggest story of the century fall into your lap. You just need to do what you do best. Keep your ears open, keep your eyes open. I'll signal you somehow. And if you never hear from me again, contact a planet called Big Sigma and talk to a person name Kart--a person named Ma. She'll tell you what you need to know."

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