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   Chapter 87 No.87

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5958

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

The rest of the crowd was made up of broadcasters of every type: bloggers, vloggers, business media, generic news, local, regional, galactic. It didn't matter what language someone spoke, or where they lived--over the next week, they were not going to be able to avoid seeing clips of this speech.

It would be nice to think that all he had to do was de-cloak in the middle of the crowd and scream that VectorCorp was plotting to kill thousands of people, but that sort of thing happened every year or so, and press laughed it off as a harmless lunatic's rantings. Lex had, too. Now he wasn't so sure. But what he did know was that he needed a better way--or, at least, better evidence--and that meant getting inside.

Between the promise of hearing their elusive boss speak and the promise of coverage of the hottest news event of the year so far, the crowd wasn't budging an inch. Having people not notice him when he was scooting by them was one thing. Shoving people aside would probably override any sort of pseudo-magical powers his backpack had. It was just as well. He hadn't expected to be able to walk through the front door anyway.

He scanned the area, looking for a way in. The courtyard was definitely out, so he began to work his way around the fenced-off speech area, looking for a door or window that wasn't actively being guarded. He'd just spotted an access door in a low wall around the yard, just forward of where it connected to the building, when he saw a contingent of security guards walking with purpose toward him. They were sweeping the area with their eyes, talking conspicuously into headsets. It wasn't hard to figure out what was going on. Someone manning the security monitors had spotted a suspicious idiot with face paint on near the cameras, and

keep his eye on the pursuing security agents led to him stumbling backward as often as forward. People griped, complained, and snapped at him when he bumped them, turning to look past Lex to the next closest person to blame. When it became clear that the commotion he was causing was attracting their attention even without being able to see him, he tried to restore a level of care to his footsteps. Unfortunately, his panic couldn't be flipped off like a light switch, and it kept its friend paranoia around for company. He turned around to see them, took a nervous step backward, and barely nudged yet another anchor.

"Oh, I'm sorry, " said the young woman in reflexive politeness.

Lex froze at the sound of the voice. Those three words managed to force every ounce of fear, of duty, of thought from the would be infiltrator's mind. He turned, eyes wide, and beheld a beautiful young newscaster. Carefully styled and highlighted auburn hair framed a face he would recognize anywhere. She'd brushed on makeup to hide her freckles, but even now she stared with striking blue eyes through a stylish pair of glasses, looking with disappointment at the obstructed view to the podium.

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