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   Chapter 86 No.86

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5645

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

Keeping the ship in low power to extend the "sensor invisible" status for as long as possible, he guided the S.O.B. along below the waves, heading toward the mainland. The one thing he had going for him was that the press conference was being held at their central offices, which were overlooking the ocean. As a matter of fact, the offices were notorious for actually overhanging the bay in certain places. The company line was something about it being symbolic of their commitment to stretch the boundaries of what was possible. Lex thought it was more symbolic of the stupid things rich people would do to get media attention.

As he got closer to the shore, the quality of the secondhand spy satellite sensor suite became apparent. Everything even remotely related to information gathering and exchange was showing up in sweeps. Slidepads, datapads, cameras, wireless access points, traffic lights--even old-fashioned networked printers.

He had to pick a spot to surface his ship and try to enter the VectorCorp complex, but he couldn't risk doing it somewhere where they would pick up on him. If he was going to have a chance of getting in, let alone getting back out, he was going to need most of the security attention to be focused on the spot off shore where they thought he'd been taken down. The miles and minutes ticked by as he searched for a quiet stretch of beach. When he found one, the VC tower was a barely visible, gleaming point on the horizon, and according to the clock, he had something like thirty-five minutes to get there before the big cheese got on the microphone. And he had to do it unseen. In a crowded city. During a convention. Or hundreds of thousands of

he VectorCorp Tower Plaza, but simply being ignored wasn't going to help him anymore. The courtyard was utterly packed, shoulder to shoulder, with nowhere to move. Most attendees were men and women in suits, gathered to witness a speech from their glorious leader. These people worked eighty-hour weeks for this man, but squinting at a podium several hundred feet away on the steps of the building, or on one of the pair of massive screens set up along the side of the tower, was likely the closest they would ever come to actually meeting him. By rights, the VectorCorp CEO should have been the most famous person in the galaxy, but this was one of those occasions where specific names just didn't matter anymore. VectorCorp was a force. People cared about as much about the man in charge as they cared about the names of the engineers operating the trains they rode--or, in the case of Lex, the train that was about to hit him. A parade of silver-haired men--and women who all paid small fortunes to avoid being silver-haired--had held the post over the years, like different actors reprising the same role on a soap opera.

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