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   Chapter 85 No.85

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5605

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

More ships arrived, and formations and flanking maneuvers began to form despite the lack of communication. These guys were good, the best training money could buy. If he let them stay on him for much longer, no amount of fancy flying would get him out of this alive. Time to pull another ace out of his sleeve.

He dipped down, sweeping into the thicker atmosphere. His hull started to glow with air friction, but he continued to push the limits of his ship, slowing only as much as necessary to keep from collapsing his shield entirely. The ships began to cluster behind him, opening fire freely now, with only open water below. Shield integrity warnings blared at him. His protective force field was in the single digits and ticking steadily down as it was pelted with air molecules at supersonic speed. Finally, the pursuit ships were gathered into a tiny slice of the sky, directly behind him, and near enough to make dodging their weapons fire nearly impossible. Now was the time.

He punched the button for the heat dumper, activating one of Karter's other countermeasures, an EMP burst, targeted to the rear. The electronics systems of the pursuit vessels lit up like a dozen slot machines, rogue electrons suddenly confusing signals and corrupting data streams. Controls were useless, along with weapons, communications, engine electronics, and basically anything else that used complex computations. Without continued thrust, they quickly slowed to terminal velocity as gravity took over as the driving force.

Lex pulled up and hissed along the surface of the ocean, scooping out a deep furrow in the water below and leaving an epic wake behind. The ships behind str

s not dead, everyone is going to need their eyes open."

"Agreed, but we're going to need to do this silently. As far as any of those press vultures are concerned, there was a minor disturbance in orbit, and the culprit has been handled. Now let's--"


Lex turned off his receiver. The sunlight was filtering weakly through the waves and painting the interior of the cockpit with marbled veins of light. An indicator on his screen informed him that silent running had been successfully activated. The internal heat shunts were masking his heat signature. His journey from supersonic speed to a few miles per hour hadn't been without consequence. The screen was warning of complete primary and secondary shield failure. That was enlightening, because he didn't know that he had a secondary shield. Two of the three anti-grav modules on the belly of the ship were no longer responding. Half a dozen subsystems were requesting a restart, and one of his fore lights was out. The hull integrity was one hundred percent, however, and, thanks to the inertial dampener, his skeleton hadn't been turned to powder.

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