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   Chapter 84 No.84

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 6103

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His heart started to pound. Plan A wasn't looking good, but it could still work if he made it through the check before the patrols started on his line. Three more to go. Now two, now one.

"Hello, and welcome to Verna Coronet, corporate headquarters of VectorCorp. Please transmit your landing authorization, " said an alarmingly chipper-sounding young man over the com link.

"I'm sorry, I'm having transmitter problems, " Lex said, trying desperately to avoid sounding as desperate as he was. It was a losing battle. "I'm going to have to ask for a vocal code submission."

"That will not be a problem sir. Will you please provide the five hundred and twelve digit alphanumeric landing code found on your authorization screen?"

"Wha-wha--" Lex stuttered, feeling for a moment as though the ground had been yanked from underneath him. "How many digits?"

"Five hundred and twelve. You can find them--"

"Oh, yeah, I know. It's just that, uh, most of the time people only ask for the last sixty-four."

"Mmm. Yes, that is a common shortcut, but I'm afraid standard policy calls for the full code. Also, if you would, please shift to the manual check-in queue to your left as you authorize, so that fully-functional ships can continue through on the automated system."

Lex looked to the manual line. There wasn't a security ship waiting there. There didn't have to be. The line had its own security checkpoint. Plan A had officially failed.

"Sure thing, just a minute, " said the pilot, mopping his head, "Do you mind if I ask your name, sir?"

"Not at all. I am Orbital Check-in Agent Lionel Sanders."

"Well, Lionel, I just want to congratulate you on doing an excellent job. This was a surprise security audit, and I'm pleased to say that you passed. I'll just get out of line and head back to the audit

g, there probably wouldn't be a city at the point of impact. This also meant that those ships behind him could open fire without worrying about hitting a skyscraper full of white-collared executives.

Sensors screamed warnings as Lex took evasive action. He twisted, bobbed, and twitched the ship, looping around volleys of plasma bolts and trying to aim roughly for the mainland.

It wasn't just a matter of speed. In the atmosphere, wind resistance was already starting to heat up the hull of his ship, despite his shields. He couldn't afford to push it any harder, and the well-funded VC security force was equipped with ships that could easily match his current speed. This was going to be pure evasion, and it was only going to get more difficult, because the space station was out of range of his jamming, which meant that word was now reaching every available ship and hovercar to head to his position and take him down. The air was thick with hissing plasma shots, ships all carefully clustering on one side to be sure that they wouldn't catch friendlies in the crossfire. Bolts splashed against his shield, but Lex kept on target, making each dodge and sweep take him closer to the continent with the HQ.

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