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   Chapter 83 No.83

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4954

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Ah, yes, the plan. He settled the ship into an automated holding pattern and began to work through what he and the AI had managed to put together. He remembered reading somewhere that if you were working with a plan with many possible points of failure, the best thing to do was to work backward from your intended goal until you reached your current point. Reformulating it at every step of the way ensured that, no matter what had gone wrong thus far, you had a clear path to victory. It had made plenty of sense when he was reading it, and he'd decided that if he ever had some epic undertaking, he would do that.

Now that he was staring down the barrel of a task that would give a special ops team a hard time, he found the fatal flaw in that line of reasoning. Specifically, you would have to be some sort of super genius to throw together a full plan at every step of the way. After losing his train of thought seven or eight times, he decided that he was better off starting at the beginning.

"First step, get to the planet's surface, " he said out loud, flipping his receiver to the guidance frequency. "That shouldn't be too tough. How many times have I done it when delivering a package? Plenty. Just breathe easy, stick to the old reliable methods, and everything will be fine."

"Hello, my name is Jeannette Morray, and I would like to welcome you to Verna Coronet, " purred a voice over his radio.

Lex recognized the voice and name. She was a famous actress, the

was time he couldn't afford to lose. Unfortunately, knowing that didn't make things move any faster.

The minutes ticked by painfully slowly. To keep himself busy, he decided he would work on setting the record for world's fastest ulcer by watching patrol ships work their way systematically down the lines awaiting processing. They were checking everyone in a given line, starting at the front and sliding along quickly and efficiently. They weren't being thorough, just stopping briefly at each ship, long enough to take a quick look. They were checking faces.

Sweat ran down his neck. He may have underestimated them. They were clearly looking for him, but there shouldn't be any reason for that. It wasn't like they knew his plan. It would have taken an idiot to come directly to their headquarters when the company wanted him dead. Were they really that smart, anticipating his moves so well? Or were they just that paranoid? At this point, they may as well be the same thing.

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