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   Chapter 82 No.82

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 6460

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Two more messages were delivered in the same way. Then came the part he was hoping he would have been able to avoid. He pulled up his star maps and his calendar. The VectorCorp State of the Company speech would be taking place on their corporate homeworld in just over four days. If he was right, then he had at least until then to do what he had to do, but probably not much longer. In that time, he would need to make it to their headquarters, break in, find ironclad evidence of their intentions regarding the Gemini Project, and find some way to broadcast that information far and wide without them being able to sensor it.

The task had been plotted out, and he had some fairly impressive toys to help him, but at this point in his life, Lex could count on one hand the number of things that worked in reality as well as they'd worked on paper.

After crunching the numbers, he worked out that if he pushed the new ship as hard as he could, and took as straight a path as was possible without effectively guaranteeing a collision, then he could get there with about twelve hours to spare. . . Good god was this ship fast. Twelve hours wasn't going to leave him much wiggle room to be careful and subtle in his infiltration, but it was the best he was going to get, so he entered the waypoints into his machine, crossed his fingers, and shifted to FTL. He fully expected to start running into difficulties within the first thirty seconds.

To his surprise, it ended up taking nearly an hour.

That was when, during a routine slowdown to check for emergency broadcasts and other warnings, he discovered that security and law enforcement were on high alert. He knew they would be, but he'd never imagined what a difference it would make. Sensors were canvasing areas that should have been completely devoid of life. Radio channels were alive with chatter, relaying warnings, reports, and tips. The narrow areas around VC routes

ong enough to make it onto their watch lists yet.

As he maneuvered his ship into a trade lane and secured a travel window, he caught himself grinning. They were going to have to update those lists.

Chapter 22

By the time he was dropping back out of FTL outside the destination star system, his narrow, twelve-hour buffer had been shaved to a sliver. The smattering of side conferences and news reports had already started--the business equivalent of a pregame show. In less than two hours, the CEO would speak. When he was through, the broadcasters and bloggers would run his words through the meat grinder, form the resulting mush into their news bites, and pack up and head home. The stock would spike or dip, depending on whether the investors liked what they heard, and the public interest would wander. The streamlined flow of information afforded by the net meant that news cycles had shrunk from days to hours. Realistically, it might be as little as two days before enough time had passed that the disaster could safely occur with no financial impact on the company. Lex didn't have that long, though. If what he had in mind was going to work, he would need as many cameras on hand as possible. He had to get this done during the press event. That was the plan, at least.

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