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   Chapter 79 No.79

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"If Mr. Alexander is able to survive by utilizing your equipment, then the tests would be considered an unequivocal success. His death indicates a failure."

Karter looked over the pages again, then squinted his eyes and stared off into the distance, thinking.

"Yeah, sounds good, " he said, finally. "Get up, we've got work to do."

With that, Karter stepped over the downed guest and marched, with purpose, down the hall. The mechanical arm gingerly helped Lex to his feet.

"Karter can be made to behave reasonably when given the proper incentive, " she explained.

Before Lex could respond, Karter's voice bellowed from down the hall, "Let's go! Just because I'm helping you out doesn't mean I want you hanging around any longer than you have to. Move it!"

Chapter 21

Eight hours passed. Karter dusted off his hands after finishing the final piece of equipment. They were in the lab's repair hanger once more, loading the inventor's contributions into Lex's ship. Karter had a broad grin on his face. On a normal man, a smile was a good sign. Considering the sort of things Lex had seen Karter say and do in just the short time he had known him, seeing him with a smile on his face was like seeing a chimp with a butcher knife: very unusual, and seldom a good thing.

"Man, it has been a while since I took that many alpha-level projects and pushed them to feature complete beta in a single day. Hey, Ma. How much time before Lex here launches?" Karter asked.

"Based upon our current data acquisition rate and the distribution of debris in processed data, reliable windows suitable for Lex will be identifiable in less t

ninety percent composed of warnings of the consequences of over-consumption. Sales slowed a bit once the clerks were legally obligated to deliver a three hundred-word verbal warning with each purchase, but it wasn't until a certain event some years later that they were finally shoved from impulse counters around the galaxy.

"I thought these things were outlawed after that twelve-year-old's heart exploded, " Lex said, recalling the news reports.

"Nah, you just have to buy them factory direct now, and sign and notarize a waiver. Which, if you ask me, is total crap. One pansy-ass tween bursts a ventricle and suddenly I have to get lawyers involved at snack time, " he said, snapping into the concoction and reverently chewing it. The look on his face was utter bliss. "Oh, that is bad in all the right ways."

Lex looked at the pack doubtfully.

"Come on, it'll put hair on your chest, " Karter prodded.

"It is statistically more likely to cause your teeth to fall out than promote hair growth, " Ma corrected.

"Yeah, I'll pass, " Lex said, sliding it back onto the tray.

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