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   Chapter 77 No.77

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5530

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

"You're saying that you think that I think I can save the day, and that's why I'm all torn up?"

"I am saying that, based upon known equations and known variables, it is the only reasonable conclusion."

"Okay, well, supposing that I do feel like I could do something--and I'm not saying that I do. . . what possible chance could I have?"

"There are numerous highly unlikely or excessively dangerous circumstances that would prevent the destruction of the star systems. The sabotaging or destruction of either or both phased arrays."

"No way. The last time those guys attacked us, it took a black hole and a bunch of lasers to fend them off, and that was on our own turf. By now they've got to have both of those places locked down tight."

"The delay or prevention of the activation of one or both arrays until after the planetary alignment has passed would provide approximately thirty-three years in which to formulate a more permanent solution."

"Yeah, but how would I do that? They said something about a final security audit before activation. That means they are probably all set and ready to go right now. They could activate it any minute, " Lex said, but he paused, the twinkle of inspiration in his eye. "But they won't."

"You sound confident of that."

"They've got their State of the Company thing coming up. Some shareholders meeting. Preethy, Patel's secretary, said they wouldn't do anything to lose face before that. They wouldn't want some massive disaster stealing their thunder. They aren't going to activate the arrays until after the press conference, I guarantee it. And they won't activate them at all if it could b

and stuff like that. Now you're joking around."

"Due to the limitations of my User Interface Module, I am incapable of sounding precisely as a human being would. In my rare interactions with humans, I became aware that, if a machine's appearance and behavior cannot perfectly reflect humanity, then the closer it comes to perfection without achieving it, the more uncomfortable legitimate humans feel. The so-called uncanny valley. I thus prefer to conform to a more traditional automated behavioral pattern in order to ease tension."

"What made you stop doing that with me?"

"Initially because I felt you were inconsiderate and thus no longer deserving of that courtesy. Subsequently, you revealed yourself to be more capable of accepting me as an individual than most."

"To be honest, I've just sort of been pretending you're a person."

"To be honest, so have I."

Lex looked over the various notes and supplies that were now listed on the displays of the room, the details of his plan. The door opened, and a mechanical arm rolled in clutching a printed-out summary of the mission.

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