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   Chapter 73 No.73

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5339

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"Huh. Who would have thought being a delivery boy would have taught you something useful, " Karter said. "Not that it helps, because there's no way to know the final destination."

"Maybe not, but I could make a pretty good guess. Ma, could you put up the seven destinations on a map?"

One of the walls displayed a stellar chart with illuminated points marking the locations of the planets.

"Okay, now can you bring up the VectorCorp routes?"

The map was suddenly buried in a hopelessly complex web of orange lines.

"That might take a bit to sort through, " Lex said squinting.

"Processing. . . Removing speed-restricted routes, commuter routes, and non-cargo routes. For clarity, switching to holographic display, " Ma said.

An image flickered into being above the table. Stars hung as points of light in the air. Routes were marked with branching orange threads. It slowly rotated as Lex looked it over.

"Check this out, " he said, pointing. "All but Operlo, Draxis, and ADC-29R45 are situated at major intersections of primary trade routes. They were definitely handing off. From the looks of it, anything delivered to these three planets actually went to Operlo. . . and I'd say that ADC got the rest."

The rest of the points vanished, and the two star systems in question zoomed to full detail.

"You heard him, Ma. Let's combine shipping lists into those two locations."

The data displayed on the table updated, then boxes listing the results appeared next to the appropriate planet in the hologram. Karter looked it over and shook his head.

"Nope. . . still not

"Eh, pretty rare. One in a billion, I'd say."

"That sounds like an awful lot more than 'pretty rare.'"

"There are more than one hundred billion stars in the known galaxy, Lex. One in a billion isn't that big of a deal. But, still, I'd say we're looking at part of the big picture."

Several minutes passed, Karter looking over the parts lists and scratching away at his pad. A robotic arm entered the room, gripping a tray with a single oatmeal cookie on it, and presented it to Lex.

"Heh, thanks, Ma, " he said, taking the cookie.

"Ma, bring up that piece of crap engineering journal that keeps rejecting my stuff. It was about two years ago, an article about large-scale quantum entanglement, " he said.

A lengthy piece of technical literature displayed on the table, loaded down with charts, equations, block diagrams, and other nerd porn. He skimmed over it, sketched a few diagrams of his own, and slapped the pad on the table.

"That's what they're doing. That's what the rest of the junk is for. They are going to entangle those stars."

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