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   Chapter 71 No.71

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4814

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

"Easy guys, easy. Get down, line up, " he said.

Reluctantly, the furry little beasts gathered along the walls, sitting obediently and fidgeting with excitement.

"What's all this?" Lex asked, confounded.

"This is Solby, " Karter said.

"Last I checked, Solby was one creature. Singular. And, for that matter, past tense."

"Redundancies, backups, and replacements for all vital systems. That's just good engineering practice, " Karter explained, scanning the row of creatures.

"And what the hell happened to him!?" Lex asked, suddenly noticing what was left of Agent Fisk.

He looked as though his skin had been worked over with a cheese grater, and judging by the rather sizable sections of his anatomy that were rendered unrecognizable, checking for a pulse would be a waste of time. Evidently, even tiny, adorable teeth could take out a full-grown man, if there were enough of them, and he could barely see or breathe.

"Well, he killed Solby, so Solby ganged up and killed him. I don't know if getting mauled to death by an army of itty-bitty, stench-spraying cuties is irony or karma, but it sure is hilarious. A pain in the ass, though, since now all the little guys are covered in blood. Oh, well, I'll just up the kennel-cleaning cycle for the next couple of days, " he said with a shrug. "Ah, there you are."

He leaned down and plucked the largest of the assembly of funks.

"So you just keep a pack of funks ar

evels of the lab. Ma had announced that the food was ready, and had supplied yet another replacement arm. After heaping up their respective cafeteria trays, the men each took a seat.

"Uh. . . listen. I'm sorry about the. . . stuff that happened, " Lex said, legs tensed for a quick getaway in case Karter had another one of his "episodes." Considering the fact that half of his base and most of his face had been wrecked, Lex was fairly certain he would be justified this time around.

"Meh. It happens, " he said, taking a pull off of a beer.

Lex stared at him silently for a moment. A medical probe, probably the same one that had patched up Lex's leg, trundled into the room and started to scan and treat its inventor.

"It happens? That's it?"


"You almost caved my head in with a crowbar for showing up in a ship later than you expected."

"Well, it was a dicky thing to do."

"Yet you saved my life when I first crashed here."

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