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   Chapter 70 No.70

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5727

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Karter ducked into a side room, Fisk close on his heels. The door to the room barely shut in time to keep the security agent out. The room was dimly lit and nearly empty. The only distinguishing features were a control console built into the angled top of a work surface on the far end, and countless tiny hatches, perhaps two feet square, completely covering the walls in a grid, like post office boxes. As Fisk began hammering on the door, Karter went to work at the console.

Outside, the agent stepped back and withdrew a black, hemispherical object from the pouch on his belt. He affixed it to the door, took a few steps down the hall, and pressed a key sequence on a control pad strapped to his forearm. There was a short, sharp rush of power as the breaching charge detonated, neatly forcing the door from its mounting. It fell aside and Fisk cautiously approached the cleared entrance. Karter rushed from inside in a mad blitz, tackling Fisk to the ground. His mechanical arm was entirely missing, but the inventor managed to land three good punches with his remaining arm before his enemy gained control, grabbing him by the shirt and throwing him aside.

In a heartbeat, Agent Fisk was on his feet. He hammered Karter across the bridge of his nose with the butt of his knife, then followed up with two more blows to the side of the face before hoisting him from the ground and heaving him back into the room. The inventor slid to a stop, his head bashing painfully into the base of the console.

"That's enough, Dee. You are out of options, and you have no place to run. Either you do as I say, or you die and I get a team of men to tear this place apart until I find what I'm after."

"Oh. . ." Kart

as 'Access Section Five.' It isn't like there's a mall directory. Are you okay?"

"Heh, better than the other guy. Hang on. Decontaminating, " he said, his final words delivered with the distant, distracted expression he tended to wear when controlling his arm from a distance.

A moment later, exhaust fans kicked on, clearing the air of most of the residual spray, rendering the hallway just barely breathable. What looked like sprinkler heads dropped from recesses in the ceiling and spritzed a mist of an antiseptic-smelling chemical. Whatever it was, in less than a minute the stuff had completely eliminated the stink.

"Come on. Let's see the damage, " he said, pacing back inside.

Lex followed to find the most bizarre and disturbing sight he'd seen in his life. At least two dozen funks, ranging in size from barely a puppy to the smallish dog size that Solby had been, were milling around, investigating each other, and shaking off the chemical from the nozzles. At the sight of Karter and Lex at the door, they entered a frenzy of affection, yipping and prancing about and trying to claim a perch on each man's shoulders.

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