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   Chapter 69 No.69

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5436

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There was no reply.

"Oh, right. The reboot. Security came up pretty quick."

He entered some commands into a hidden control panel installed on his false arm and brought up the heads-up display in his eye. It listed the status of various systems, then printed an alert.

"Intruder alert. That's probably Lex. Pain in the. . . two intruders?"

He began to cycle through available cameras. He quickly found Lex milling about in the upper levels, evidently having trouble finding his way through the building. None of the other cameras seemed to be turning up anything. Quite a few of the them were nonfunctional after the attack. . . but there were seven nonfunctional cameras in a row along an access corridor right above him. And now there were eight. He switched quickly to the next in the sequence and caught a distant view of a man in military dress raising a gun and firing it before that camera blacked out, too.

"Damn it!" Karter growled, hurrying down the stairs.

He quickly issued the commands to lock down all of the doors between himself and the intruder, then opened a com channel.

"Lex!" he barked.

"Karter? Hey, great job on the--" the pilot began, his voice echoing over the microphone of the intercom.

"Shut up! I think your friend didn't die in his crash, and he's coming this way. Get your ass down here and help me."

"Fisk isn't dead!? Where are you?"

"Access Section Five. It's on the north side of--"

There was a blast overhead as Fisk blew open the door to the stairwell. Before Karter could give any more direction, the agent leaned over the railing and opened fire down the sh

e pain circuits were still on, asshole!"

"The records we've got on you list your other arm as intact. You open your mouth one more time to do anything but cooperate, and you'll be looking for another replacement."

Karter stood silently, measuring Fisk with his gaze. The only sound was the occasional hiss and sputter of his damaged arm.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" the Agent growled.


At that moment, the gravity finished reinitializing, nearly doubling the weak gravity of the planet to artificial, Earth-level gravity in a moment. The instantaneous, unexpected increase brought Agent Fisk's gun down heavily on the guard rail as his unprepared arms had to deal with its full weight. The weapon bounced free of his grasp and plummeted down the shaft of the stairwell.

Karter, who had been watching the countdown to full gravity on his HUD, had been prepared, and took advantage of the moment of confusion to give the door a few motivating kicks. Finally, it opened and he sprinted down the hall. Fisk followed, drawing a survival knife from his belt.

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