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   Chapter 68 No.68

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5415

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There was a brief flash, then a clap as the black hole collapsed, unleashing a wave of energy that tore easily through the weapon, rupturing it and sending a string of explosions running through the hull.

"Yes! Yes!" Karter said, slapping the machine, "Oh, I am so making a black hole mortar now."

"Did you do it!?" Lex asked, his voice transmitting out of a communicator in Lex's arm.

"Hell yeah, I did!"

"Then why are all of these drones still trying to kill us!?"

Karter looked up, seeming to notice for the first time that twenty or so robotic fighters were continuing to swarm and bombard the area.

"Good question. Ma, how's the wrecker look?"

"Forty-one percent hull integral. Running on secondary powerhouse. I am detecting missile modular activation."

Karter growled.

"Fine. They want to play it that way? I'm fresh out of black holes, but they're fresh out of shields, " he said, kicking the ring from the front of the hopelessly lodged magic mirror, revealing the four particle beams, "so these suckers ought to make a dent."

He leaned down and threw a switch on the mercifully still accessible--and still functional--control panel. All four massive weapons fired, producing a continuous beam that struck the wrecker viciously. After a few seconds, the beams burst out the other side of the ship, armor plating running like melted wax. There was no way to aim, but he didn't have to. The automated ship was attempting to get out of the way of the beam, and in doing so only managed to drag its trail of destruction across the surface.

"Caution, particular beam heathen levels appro

erself out. Lex, with nothing else to do, decided it would be nice to get some food in his stomach. It shouldn't be too difficult to find that cafeteria. He'd been there before. As he headed off toward the stairs, he thought he heard a door shut at the other end of the hangar.

"Karter? That you?" he asked.

The only reply was his echo. Lex shrugged and pushed open the door to the stairwell.


Karter was several floors down, heading farther. The facilities were dug deep into the planet, more than twice as deep underground as they were tall above it. Some shafts and vaults ran much, much farther. The more important, more fragile things tended to be found in these areas in order to protect them from surface threats. After the collapse of the Asteroid Wrecker, half of the elevators were out of operation, and power was spotty, so the inventor was reduced to using the stairs.

"Stairs, " he muttered to himself. "What am I, a caveman? This is f--"

He was interrupted by a siren and spinning red warning light.

"Ma! What's that all about?" he complained.

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