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   Chapter 67 No.67

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5415

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

"S?uberung Audio-Puffer. Bitte warten Sie, " she said.

There was a sudden, intense screech from the speakers.

"Audio buffalo purgatory completely. Primary language modular restoration."

"Still not quite right, Ma, " he said. "Do me a favor and get the big door open."

"Negative. Power fluctuating have causeway security clearance issues."

"Then shut down security for now--I need that door open."

"Are you surefire?"

"Yes, and open all doors and hatches to the roof. And get me an express lift ready to take me there."

"Yes, sirius."


Outside, the longer Lex tangled with the drones, the tighter their formations became, and the less room for error he had. He'd only managed to take out ten of them before the shield was taking hits as quickly as it was recharging. The new and improved ship might be faster and more powerful, but it was also a huge target, and the drones were like wasps, packing more of a punch than they had any right to. Without the need for a pilot, they were basically just engines, guns, and shields. That made for a very light, very elusive target. If he didn't make some progress soon, he was going to be left with no options but to make a mad dash and hope he could outrun them.

As a cluster of the ships aligned for an attack, a sequence of laser blasts from the roof scattered them. Sure enough, the lasers weren't enough to do any serious damage, but they managed to cause the drones to prioritize, and in the brief confusion, he shot a handful of them down and darted out through an opening.

"How's the ship holding up?" Karter asked over the com system.

of the recoil drove the rest of the machine halfway into the roof like a tent peg and launched the forklift off the edge of the roof. Almost immediately, the tiny dot was invisible, but Karter closed his natural eye and focused his electronic one, tracking the trajectory.

"Come on, come on!" Karter growled. "How's containment, Ma?"

"Containment holding. Guidance fieldglass holding."

The super-dense projectile shuddered through the air under the influence of the machine's fields, growing slightly as it went. When it struck the shield, it passed through without slowing, the marble-sized collision managing to light up and collapse half of the deflector array. The armor plating wasn't much of a match for it either, a perfectly circular bite being taken out of it as the singularity passed through like a stone tossed into a pond. Presumably, it continued to pass through the various systems and mechanisms of the Asteroid Wrecker unimpeded until it struck the tube of the main weapon.

"Disabling containment!" Karter announced, reaching down and yanking a cord.

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