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   Chapter 62 No.62

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5301

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"The ship came back in once piece, right?"

"Yes! Yes, it did!"

"Then I won't kill you. I might shove my boot up your ass, though, depending on how torn up the ship is. Ma! Run a diagnostic on the DAR and have it ready when we get there. And let Solby out. Time for walkies."

Lex followed his host down the hall and, reluctantly, stepped onto the elevator with him. The two stood in tense silence as it trundled up a few floors. The doors slid open, the cute little genetic experiment scampered on, and they continued on to the top floor. When the doors opened, there was one of the mobile mechanical arms waiting.

"Ship diagnostic initiated, scan commencing, " Ma alerted. "While you wait, I can scan and index the contents of the case."

The arm extended, opening the gripper.

"Don't waste your time--once this diagnostic is done and I'm done, Lex will be getting the hell off of my planet and never coming back. . . Except potentially to give feedback on that reactor. . . and the control systems. . . Basically, I'm going to need feedback on everything."

"Indexing the information will streamline the analysis, should you choose to pursue it, and will utilize otherwise idle processor cycles and peripherals in the interim. It is a waste of time not to perform this task at this time, " Ma said.

"Fine, whatever, " grunted Karter.

"Thank you!" Lex mouthed silently as he handed over the case.

Solby launched onto Lex's shoulder as he followed Karter out onto the planet's surface. When they boarded the waiting bus, his host eyed him sternly while the black

which they won't, because you're leaving now."

"But wait, what about the papers?"

"Don't care, let's go."


"Approaching vessel detected, " Ma interrupted.

"Sophisticated and speedy. Organized crime has really gotten itself together since the last time I had to deal with it, " Karter quipped.

Chapter 16

"I wonder what kind of ships hit men fly these days." Karter mused aloud. "Ma, bring it up on the display panel when we get a visual."

Lex, for the moment convinced that his unpredictable associate was not an immediate threat to his life, approached the panel. As he did, Karter continued.

"In the old days, they used to use converted cargo haulers for everything, " he reminisced. "Just lop off the cargo portion and you ended up with these zippy little boxes with power to spare for all sorts of add-ons. Plus, they could sell the stolen cargo. It was actually really efficient. I've always been a big fan of the sort of solutions people come up with when they have limited resources like that. I mean, I used to--"

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