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   Chapter 61 No.61

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4762

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"Wow. I'm surprised you didn't just put a cloaking device on there, " Lex joked.

"Bah. Cloaking devices are useless. Sure, they mask you from all of the usual stuff, but the device itself has a distinctive meson emission pattern that you can follow, and they eat power. Sure, most people don't carry meson detectors, but the sort of people who you might actually try to cloak to avoid do, so they are effectively pointless wastes of power and space. This rig does almost everything almost as well, and it does it all with passives or by dual-purposing other modules. Saves power, saves weight. Okay, what else? Oh! I rolled some offensive capabilities in as well."

"But I said--"

"Quiet! Here's the deal. If you set your engine to 98.6 percent, then double tap the switch for the hull lights, your engine will start belching out wide-band radio noise. That'll jam communications for the area, but it will be indistinguishable from an engine malfunction. . . because technically it is an engine malfunction, just one that you can trigger on demand. Also, popping the heat dumpers while you've got that going will give you a rear-oriented directional EMP pulse. Double tap the lights again to deactivate.

"You've got the sensor array from a recon-satellite we got dumped here a few weeks ago. Not top-of-the-line as satellites go, but head and shoulders above anything you'll find on a ship, civilian or military. I rou

up again, Karter leafed through.

"Stellar mass, average temperature. . . support struts, signal filtering modules. . . What exactly is supposed to interest me about all of this?"

"I don't know, but it must be good, because that is the reason I got shot down here in the first place. Something in those pages has got VectorCorp trying to kill me, and it was enough to get the mob shooting at me yesterday right before I came here."

"The mob."


"As in organized criminals."


"And they were shooting at you."


"While you were escaping."


"In my ship."

Lex froze.

"Maybe?" he said, holding up the case defensively.

"Follow me, " Karter growled, turning quickly toward the door and marching out.

"You aren't going to try to kill me again, are you?"


After a moment of thought, Lex slowly stepped out after him, adding, "You aren't going to succeed in killing me, are you?"

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