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   Chapter 60 No.60

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5874

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"I didn't realize that in this case displeasure was a synonym for homicidal tendencies."

"Reactions such as that are rare. The degree of his displeasure was unanticipated. I think that he was excited about showing off the ship."

"Oh, so he wasn't murderous, he was just feisty."

"I don't appreciate your tone, Mr. Alexander, " the computer said sternly, as the lights redirected to the stairwell. "I wasn't the one who tried to kill you."

"A little bit of a warning is all I was looking for. You could have said he was a psychopath. This came out of nowhere."

"He is a wealthy recluse who lives alone on a planet, builds weapons of mass destruction, and crafts living creatures for the purpose of wordplay."

"Okay. There were signs. I'm sorry, " he said, not anxious to get on the computer's "S-list" again. "It's just that it's been a while since I've dealt with a group of people that didn't have at least one person in it who wanted to kill me."

"I can appreciate how that would raise your stress levels. Would you like a sedative?"

"Thanks, but no thanks, " he said, pushing open the doors and starting down the stairs. "I dumped about a half-gallon of rum down my throat and it didn't help, so I'm reluctant to turn to pharmaceuticals. . . Except for that hangover stuff I took on the way over. Whoever invented Sobrietin deserves a medal."

It was a few flights of stairs to the lab's hangar. Lex took his time and tried to mentally delete his host's little "episode." The simple fact of the matter was, even if he was a maniac, Karter was certainly the only person with the resources to give Lex a chance at either finding a way out of this mess or at least finding a place to hide. That meant he was going to have to play nice,

g panels that blossomed outward like a flower.

"The shunt will be able to store a pretty massive amount of waste heat--then, when you get a chance, you can deploy the heat dumps to shed it off. You should be able to keep her running at, oh, one hundred-eighty percent for a good seven hours before risking an emergency shutdown. The matte black paint helps with heat dissipation, too. Plus, it makes you pretty much invisible to visual scanners. Black ship in deep space? Black on black. If you're running at anything under one hundred percent, switching on the cryo-shunts will regulate the emission signature to match background radiation, so you'll be invisible to thermal sensors, too.

"The whole thing is radio shielded, so EM sensors will have a tough time with you, and I've got a nano-coating on there that will scatter active radar. Basically, in low power mode you can become completely undetectable for pretty much forever. When you are in motion, at eighty-five percent you can get about three minutes of undetectability before people directly behind you will start picking up your engines, but even then it'll look more like a sensor blip than a ship."

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