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   Chapter 54 No.54

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4877

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

"Can't argue with that."

"Now, certainly, as a freelance courier, you could easily obtain information by simply opening the packages you deliver, but there is simply no reason for VC to ever entrust you or any other freelancer with sensitive data, as they run the largest and fastest distribution network in the galaxy, by a large margin."

"That they do. So where does that leave us?"

"Their story is highly suspect, wouldn't you agree?"

"Pff, yeah!"

"Yet you managed to get your hands on this, " Patel remarked, sliding the manila envelope containing the manifest onto the table. "Care to explain how you managed it?"

"My clients expect discretion, too."

"I'm sure they do, but at the moment you aren't in an ideal position to provide it."

"That's true, " he said, draining his glass, and adding with a shrug, "She's dead, anyway."

"Your client?"

"Yeah, " he said, filling the glass again, this time skipping the Coke completely. "Okay, here's how it went. I'm going to leave out names and such to protect the innocent and all that. I need money, so I take a job. The usual sort of thing, get this from point A to point B, don't look inside the briefcase. Done it a thousand times. I was having kind of a hard time in my life at the time, though it was frickin' sunshine and daffodils compared to the past few weeks. I had a lot on my mind, slipped up, wound up with a VC enforcer on my tail. He takes some shots at me. I try to sha

hoice in the matter. Miss Misra will show you to the showers. I suggest you take advantage of them. In the meantime my men will remove any sensitive material from your vessel."

"Oh, man, you're going to tear the ship apart? Can't I just go get the stuff for you?"

"Trustworthy though I'm sure you are, I think I would prefer a more thorough search."

"Come on, man. It's a loaner!"

Mr. Patel smiled.

"Your priorities are amusingly out of order, Mr. Alexander, " Patel said, leaning forward to tap the pad on his desk again. "Miss Misra, fetch Mr. Hendricks and show Mr. Alexander to a private section of the employee dormitory. Provide him with any reasonable requests, and keep him under surveillance."

He stood and extended a hand to Lex, who stood as well.

"A pleasure meeting you again, Mr. Alexander. I do hope I can come to an arrangement with VectorCorp. I feel that, with a bit of instruction, you could be a valuable part of my organization."

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