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   Chapter 53 No.53

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4878

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

"What happened to them?" Lex asked, though he suspected he knew the answer.

"Relocated, I suspect. New home, new identity."

Lex looked at the dateline and quickly did the math, though the alcohol slowed it down a bit. Rodrigo would have been testifying just about eleven years ago. . . The same year that Michella moved to his school. . .

"Enough reminiscing, though, back to business, " proclaimed his host, clapping his hands and rubbing them vigorously together, "Take a seat."

Lex found his way to the antique chair and carefully sat down.

"I'm a very busy man, so I will lay it all out for you. VectorCorp has sent word out that you are under suspicion of industrial espionage, and that you are to be apprehended immediately. As I understand it, I was one of the few individuals to be given your name along with the description."

"Hey, now, I--" Lex objected, standing suddenly, then panicking to prevent the chair from falling. Patel cut him off.

"This will all go much more smoothly if you let me finish, " he said sternly, "Now, take a seat."

"No way! You're going to turn me in!"

"I consider myself a reasonable man, Mr. Alexander, and I prefer to DEAL with reasonable men. You are in my complex, surrounded by my people. You don't really think you can run away, do you?"

"I'm re-e-e-a-ally good at running away."

"No doubt. However, have a seat, and we shall see if an escape is called for."

Lex glanced at the door.


"Will there be anything else?" she asked.

"Not at the moment. Thank you, " Patel said.

Her heels clicked quickly to the door and down the hall. Lex turned to his host.

"Now, I believe you were interested in threats."

"Well, not interested, but I figure they are on the way, and I'd rather just get them over with, " Lex said, wiping himself off with the towel that had been underneath the tube of ointment, and then pouring himself glass of rum with a drop or two of Coke in it.

"Let us analyze the facts and see what sort of conclusion they lead us to, shall we?" he suggested. "VectorCorp claims you have stolen proprietary information with the intent to sell. Now, VC is with little doubt the best-secured company in the galaxy. It would take someone of considerable skill to liberate anything of value from them. To be perfectly blunt, if what we've witnessed here is any example, your own talents in the ways of espionage are woefully inadequate."

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