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   Chapter 51 No.51

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5333

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"No, Mr. Alexander. I'm afraid it is you who is invading privacy, and we are paid quite well to see that the affairs of our clients remain secure, " said Hendricks.

One by one, the pockets of Lex's flight suit were emptied onto the table. This ended up taking quite a while, thanks to the sheer number of pockets and the fact that he had crammed everything he owned into them before leaving the ship. By the time they were finished and released his arm, there was a mound of food wrappers, scattered poker chips, his slidepad, and various other personal debris.

"Who do you work for?" Hendricks said, taking a seat and beginning to sort through the pile.

"I'm not working for anyone. You are reading way too deep into this."

"You know that someone matching your description is wanted by most civilian law enforcement agencies due to an intellectual property theft charge by VectorCorp, I presume."

"Intellectual property theft? That's what they're after me for?"

"Yes. And now you've come here attempting to gain access to our inventory and construction sites for the Gemini Project, and you claim we are reading too deeply into it?"

"Look, I don't even know what the Gemini Project is!"

Hendricks investigated the crab candy bar with a raised eyebrow before unearthing a small piece of card stock.

"And you won't find out, because. . ."

He stopped short, inspecting the card closely and casting a doubtful glance at Lex. Finally he snapped his fingers and motioned for the henchmen to leave the room. He followed them, locking Lex in his painful gaze for a moment befor


The trip through the building had taken them from the concrete dungeon, back through a maze of flimsy-walled cubicles, and finally through a frosted glass door to a hallway that would have looked at home in a museum. The walls were paneled with dark-stained hardwood. The floor was polished marble. Lining the hall, each in its own lighted recess, were works of art. There were wood carvings, statues, metal sculptures, and paintings. Lex wasn't an art buff, but some of them even he recognized. Judging from the quality, there was almost certainly a gifted forger involved. The real question was whether or not it was the museum that had the forgery.

"Open, " Nicholas said.

The door opened quietly into an office triple the size of Lex's apartment.

"If you don't mind, take a seat on the wooden chair. The usual guest chair is leather and I would rather not learn what sort of lingering character you might lend to it, judging from the state of your outfit, " the wealthy businessman said, indicating an antique chair at one corner of his desk.

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