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   Chapter 49 No.49

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5509

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

"Asshole, " Lex muttered.

Briefly, he considered piloting the ship over to the building and just touching it down someplace closer, docking bay or no, but he quickly decided against it. It was extremely illegal, but something told him it wasn't the police he was going to have to worry about here, and chances were that the sort of vigilante justice that would be levied upon the borrowed ship would be much worse than a fine anyway. He was just going to have to walk. After cramming everything he could fit into his flight suit's pockets, in hopes of guaranteeing he wouldn't forget something and have to come back for it, he tied the shirt from his Lon Djinn ensemble around his head and set off.

Forty-five scorching minutes later, he stepped into the mercifully climate-controlled office complex. His skin felt positively crispy, and his boots were making an unpleasant squish with each step, thanks to the half-gallon of sweat he could feel pooling around his toes. The young Indian woman at the desk watched him warily as he stalked into the center of the room, spotted a water cooler, and practically ran to it.

"Can I help you, sir?" she asked in a professional tone.

"One minute, " Lex said, dropping to his knees and running the water over his head.

When he felt as though the temperature of his scalp was no longer in the boiling range, he stood and looked to the receptionist. She was in fairly traditional business attire, though there were a few aspects of it that were a little bit outside the norm. The gray business dress hugged her curves much better than he imagined was acceptable for an office environment, and the cu

burn a hole through a cinder block. He couldn't have radiated "ex-military" more clearly if he was wearing combat fatigues.

"Yes, sir, Mr. Hendricks, " said the receptionist, handing the folder over.

"This way, sir, " Hendricks said.

Without waiting, the surly man walked crisply back the way he'd come. Lex sloshed after him. Automatic doors opened and closed a handful of times as they wound their way through half a dozen different hallways, working deeper and deeper into the office complex. As they progressed, the sterile look of scattered cubicles became less frequent, replaced instead with downright antiseptic white concrete walls.

"Kind of a long way in for a waiting room, " Lex said, his voice echoing in the empty hall.

"We don't get many visitors, " Hendricks said.

"Then why do you need six waiting rooms?" Lex asked.

The question hung in the air for a few moments before they came to a door. Hendricks waved a slidepad over a sensor and the door hissed open.

"Wait inside. Accounting will be with you shortly, " Hendricks said.

Lex glanced into the room.

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