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   Chapter 45 No.45

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5545

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Another lesson he was learning was that, when it came to cursing someone out, no one could go wrong with Chinese. The owner of the car he'd landed on was delivering a scathing tirade that was only slightly softened by the fact that Lex couldn't understand a word of it. There was a sound that he did understand, however. Sirens. He glanced up to see flashing lights weaving their way in from above.

"Sorry!" he blurted, before leaping from this roof to the next.

After a few sloppy landings, Lex started to get a feel for the footing he could expect from car hoods, windshields, and roofs, as he made his way across the crowded roadway. The slowly flowing column of cars became a cacophony of exotic profanities, blaring horns, and wailing sirens. Rubberneckers gawking at the lunatic jumping from roof to roof soon became the next stepping stone. He swung from bumpers, vaulted over luggage, and cracked sunroofs in his mad attempt to get close enough to something stationary to escape.

Fortunately for him, the chaos he was stirring up made it damn near impossible for the police to get close to him.

Finally, a sporty coupe that had tried and failed to avoid him drifted off-road and scraped against a third-floor skywalk across the street from the station, which he eagerly scrambled onto. Planting his feet on something not actively trying to get out from underneath him for the first time in too long, he took off at a sprint toward what he hoped was the shipyard with his loaner.

A crowded city, particularly one that had just recently had a commotion the likes of which he'd just caused, was a terrible place to have to chase down a suspect.

in yard below, but since that was effectively an act of terrorism, he decided against it. Likewise, doing a reckless, high-speed pursuit through one of the cities was out. Doing that in a limo was one thing, where the worst he could do is total a few cars. The DAR could probably take down a building if he didn't handle it right. This was going to have to be a straight up dogfight, minus the guns. . . he hoped.

Once it became clear that asking nicely wasn't working, the police started to run through the standard operating procedure. Having a rigid set of well-practiced procedures was great for cops, because it meant that they were able to coordinate well and really hone their craft. It also made them predictable. They jockeyed into their positions, setting up what in two dimensions would have been a PIT maneuver. The addition of the Z axis made things more complicated, but an enterprising offensive driver had figured something out. It involved nudging a ship or hovercar into an awkward orientation, thus forcing the pursue-ee to either waste time correcting or go plowing into the ground.

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