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   Chapter 44 No.44

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5770

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The maintenance stairs were completely empty, at least for the moment. Lex took full advantage, sprinting up them three at a time. It didn't take long for his lungs to start burning and his legs to gently remind him that, if vigorous activity had been in the plan, half a week in a cockpit and a belly-load of mystery meat weren't the best preparation. Stopping wasn't an option, though. The translation in his pocket rattled off floor numbers and lockdown orders as quickly as he reached new landings. Over his heaving breath, he heard a key code being punched into the door ahead. As it opened, he drove his heel into it, slamming it shut again and hurling his would be captor backward.

In the back of his mind, somewhere buried in the panic, a voice of reason pointed out that there generally weren't many exits on the upper floors of a train station, but he shoved it aside. Judging from the pounding of feet on the stairs below, up was the only option. There was still hope, wasn't there? There could be a window open or a fire exit, couldn't there? There damn well better be, because he sure as hell wasn't going go to jail because of a stupid crab candy bar.

Finally, he was out of steps, facing a final door that was miraculously free from the sounds of commotion on the other side. He gave it a solid whack with the tape stand he hadn't had the good sense to drop ten floors ago. The flimsy, low-bid security door swung open. He'd made it through and wedged it shut with the battered remnants of the stand before his brain registered what he'd managed to step in to. . . or, rather, out of.

The door had led to a metal catwalk that ran a short distance along the outer wall. His mad rush had managed to bring him

of screaming profanities to actually try to hang on. By then, he'd run out of truck.

Traffic had looked like a solid wall of bumper to bumper gridlock from above, but somehow he managed to fall through two more levels of it before landing on a mid-size commuter car with a roof rack. One hand wrapped in a death grip around the rack while the other did a cursory check to see if any bones were protruding from his nice new outfit.

When he was sure that all body parts were present, accounted for, and reasonably intact, it was time to figure out the next step in his master plan. Thus far, it had been surprisingly educational. For one, he'd learned that things didn't work out in real life the way they did in the movies. Rather than the car he landed on continuing along and carrying him to freedom, this particular motorist stopped suddenly. Most of the people behind him stopped suddenly, too, and those who didn't do so immediately did so shortly afterward when they collided with their more attentive brethren. Thus, his clever escape plan now consisted of trying to get air back into his lungs as he watched the traffic ahead pull away.

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