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   Chapter 43 No.43

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5837

Updated: 2018-01-19 12:02

"Okay, okay. This is bad, " Lex muttered, as near to silently as he could. "This is bad. Can't deliver the case, can't get my money. Don't panic. They might not know who I am. I'll just ditch the delivery, get the hell out of dodge, and then. . . what? Lie low for the rest of my life? I don't even know what they're after. . . But I'm gonna find out!"

He dug into his duffel bag and pulled out the box Blake had been holding for him. It had taken a lot of research and a couple of weeks of sifting auction sites, but he'd finally managed to score an all-frequencies decrypting receiver. If the sales pitch could be believed, this baby could sniff the airwaves and decode all conventional police and security bands--and, since it was receive-only, it was undetectable. Lex had hoped to test it under less extreme circumstances, but if those cops were talking about him, he needed to know.

The box was the size of a lunchbox, but once he'd torn apart the packaging, he was left with something that looked like a pack of cigarettes, with a low resolution screen on the side and an old-fashioned wired earpiece, along with a haystack of assorted adapter wires. He powered it up, and it revealed a readout of all of the relevant radio signals. A few security bands, a few corporate ones, and one law enforcement. He slipped the earpiece into place, selected the police band, and. . . was struck with a flood rapid-fire Mandarin.

"Son of a--"

He sorted through the tangle of wires until he found one that fit his slidepad and activated the translation program. Once it started to spit out English, he put the device to his ear.

". . . transport hub in the vicinity of Long Genius all the staff. We've got the news that a suspect has been at

ded train station. The ensuing panic and stampede would kill more people than the bullets ever could. Instead, they rested their hands conspicuously on their pistols, edging sideways with their eyes locked on him. There was no chance he could slip by them, and the way back was even better protected.

Lex scanned his surroundings. Along the wall to his left was a section of floor roped off for maintenance. The tiles looked like they had some sort of water damage, and caution tape formed a protective perimeter around them, strung between narrow stands with heavy, stable bases. Beside the cordoned area was a service door. He dove for it. A rattle of the handle revealed that it was, predictably, locked. He grabbed the nearest of the tape stands, pulling down the entire row as a result. The sudden clatter of metal sent a startled shockwave through the crowd, clearing the area around him and tripping up the approaching authorities. After carefully logging that lucky little discovery for future use, he made use of the extra elbow room to swing the hefty base of the stand at the knob, breaking it off and wrenching the door open. He disappeared inside.

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