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   Chapter 42 No.42

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5892

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"That'll do."

"Roger. Clearance applied to your transponder code for twenty-four hours. Thanks for being cool about this."

"Don't worry about it. Just don't get used to it. They pay us to not be cool."

Once the com clicked off and the landing light went green, Lex fairly collapsed back into his chair. He was not a con man, and pulling a stunt like that was well outside his comfort zone. Sure, he had nerves of steel when it came to coaxing insane maneuvers out of vehicles of every description, but when it came to this sort of thing he could practically feel the ulcer forming. One of these days, he was going to have to just try to outrun the patrols like they used to in the old days.

After dropping down into the high atmosphere, he scooted his ship to the appropriate continent, as specified by the delivery instructions. It was a long, narrow strip of land off the coast of the main continent, running from the polar region to a bit past the equator. The whole island was almost perfectly straight, and currently was experiencing night. From high in the atmosphere, it looked like a dotted line of glowing clusters, several hundred cities lined up one after the other along a high-speed railway that ran the length of the island.

The sliver of a continent was called Makou and if it was a distasteful necessity, it was done there. Waste processing, prisons, power generation, industry, and anything else that looked bad or smelled bad got relegated to Makou, which seemed to exist specifically so that the rest of the planet could be beautiful.

Lon Djinn was a region of cities along the northern third of Makou that was composed almost entirely of administrative offices and warehouses. The package was to be delivered to, and thus the othe

he coalmine when it came to law enforcement. It didn't take long to spot the three plainclothes agents. Being observant and inconspicuous at the same time was a tough trick, and these guys hadn't quite mastered it.

No points for guessing which locker they were keeping a close eye on.

Lex kept walking, passing through the locker room and hoping that it he wasn't obviously avoiding eye contact with the cops. He stopped at a snack machine so that it wouldn't look as though he was passing through for no reason. A wave of his slidepad netted him a candy bar with a picture of a crab on the wrapper, which he dearly hoped was a mascot and not an ingredient. From there, he took a few twisty turns and ducked into the most fragrant bathroom he'd ever been brave enough to step into.

"Oh, come on!" he muttered.

Missing were the standard "sit down" toilets that nature had intended. In their place were the porcelain holes in the floor that Lex was fairly certain existed exclusively to mock tourists. The last few patrons evidently hadn't been up to the sharpshooting challenge, either. There was, however, a handicapped stall. He dove inside and locked the door.

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