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   Chapter 41 No.41

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4477

Updated: 2018-01-19 12:02

Tessera V was, in some ways, a lot like Golana. It was a major transit and shipping hub. Unlike Golana, it was also much, much more. The average climate was famously gorgeous. So much so that most corporations kept a campus there for employee retreats. There were also no less than three highly prestigious colleges. Perhaps the most famous and respected opera house for half a galaxy made its home there. Famous beaches, iconic national parks, and all manner of vacation destinations dotted the landscape. In short, it was a center of commerce, culture, and tourism. And since that sort of place attracted an awful lot of the criminal element, there was a considerable legal presence as well.

It was that last part that he needed to deal with at the moment. The sheer amount of traffic in and out of the average planet meant that a fair amount of ships were allowed to slip through without notice. Such was not the case at Tessera V. The entry process involved the exchange of codes, verification of credentials, and if they didn't like what they heard, a thorough ship search. Figuring out how to get through the arrival processing at planets like this was one of the hardest parts of being a freelancer, and techniques that worked were guarded jealously. Lex had come up with a procedure that usually worked, but he hated to do it. It wa

"Twenty-two fifty-three, galactic; seventeen twenty-eight global."

"That late? Look, I've got seven minutes to get my reports turned in, and that's pretty much not going to happen if I have to write you up, so let's just say this never happened, okay?"

"Ohthankgod, " she said in relieved burst, "So, uh, you wanna give me your auth code?"

"I could, but it would be invalid. That's how these things go, remember? Then they'd have to pull the log of the call, and we'd both get in trouble."

"Oh, yeah. That's right. I'll do a whisper pass, then?"

Since no system designer could possibly anticipate every eventuality, there was always a way to just force a ship through without authorization or logging. Generally, it was intended for diplomatic or military vessels, but it was available at the behest of the operator to correct problems that don't present a security threat.

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