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   Chapter 38 No.38

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5672

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"No, Karter, it can't. This is my reputation we're talking about. Plus, I'm pretty sure that VectorCorp has a problem with the contents of the package."

"And you want to toss the hot potato before the music stops."

"And collect the rest of my money, if I can."

Karter silently considered for a moment.

"Fine, " he said, continuing toward the door. "If it will shut you up and get you out of my face for a few days, I'll toss you a loaner. Solby needs to drop a deuce, so we'll swing by the hangar and see what I'm willing to part with. Ma! Open the front door and pull the bus around."

"Opening. Please remember to prepare yourself for local gravitational intensity, and move swiftly to the bus. Ambient temperature is approaching danger levels, " the voice replied.

A sudden change in gravity was a tricky thing to prepare for. Stepping out of the facility and its accompanying artificial gravity felt vaguely like climbing a staircase that has one step fewer than Lex had expected. The human brain had been trained to cope with things like a sudden shift to zero-G, like stepping off a cliff, or the gradual slide up and down in acceleration that in an old-fashioned elevator. Moving suddenly from normal gravity to just a bit more than half of that locked the brain into the "Oh, my god, the ground is falling out from underneath me!" mindset for a good thirty seconds. Even though Lex knew it was coming, he still found himself taking ridiculous, exaggerated steps and trying to get his stomach back down where it belonged. Or, at least, that's what happened when you haven't been doing it day in and day out for who knows how long, apparently, because both Karter and his adorabl

y engineer my own?

"It is called industrial espionage. It used to be a problem for me."

"How'd you take care of it?"

"With extreme prejudice. We're here."

The bus dropped to the ground outside of a building that was, for all appearances, identical to the lab--except for the label, which was, in this case, an equally crude rendering of the word "Hangar."

Solby made his way to Karter's shoulder, curling his enormous fluffy tail around his master's neck like a scarf. The icy air had a vicious bite to it that didn't seem to faze Karter or his pet in the slightest, but sent Lex sprinting for the doorway, which was opening of its own accord.

"Please brace yourself for artificial gravity, " came Ma's voice from the new building.

Granted, this time the warning was not spitefully late, but in his haste to get out of the cold, Lex ended up playing the same trick on himself that the computer had managed last time. He crossed the threshold mid-stride and landed far more quickly and heavily than he'd expected, turning his sprint into a sprawling slide that sent his packages bouncing all over the entryway.

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