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   Chapter 37 No.37

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5346

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"Um, actually, before you go--" he said quickly.

"I am everywhere, always. I do not go anywhere, " Ma replied.

"Oh, right. Not to be a pest, but I can't seem to connect to the net."

"I am afraid the debris field makes stable connectivity to the network impossible with small-scale devices. Once a week, a local cache of data resources that Karter considers relevant is pulled down. The next differential replication is scheduled immediately following the remapping of the field. If you have a request for additional information, I can add it to the data list."

"What sort of stuff do you have on the local cache?"

"Approximately one percent engineering periodicals, one percent general reference material, one percent contact information directories, two percent multimedia entertainment and news feeds, and ninety-five percent pornographic materials of the following subcategories--"

"That's fine!" he said quickly, not terribly interested in what sort of tastes Karter might have in that area, "Thanks. I should have figured. I'll just look at what I pulled down before I came through."

He pulled up the saved data and started to chew through it. Most of it was the usual stuff. Cantrell was issuing a new model of pleasure cruiser. Half a dozen messages offered him vast wealth and/or massive genitals in exchange for his bank account info. He was about to shut the slidepad off and try to find something else to do when he saw that there was a news alert saved. He tapped the file and a pert young anchorwoman all the way back on Earth began to work her way through her "solemn"

maged case.

"He unleashed a short sequence of profanities in his workshop before ordering me to prepare an array of replacement struts and some burn ointment. I suspect he will be taking a break until fabrication is complete. Did you want me to repair the metal case? I presumed it was one of the packages you were delivering, and thus should not have been touched."

"Uh, no, no. Can you lead me to Karter, please? I need to talk to him, " Lex said, gathering up his things.

"Certainly; follow the red lights."

The pilot managed to catch up to his unusual host as he was headed down the main corridor toward the exit.

"Karter!" he called, hustling after him with arms loaded down. "I need to talk to you!"

"Are you still here?" Karter said, as he pulled on a coat and adjusted a fresh bandage on his non-prosthetic wrist.

"Yes, I'm still here! That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I need to get the hell off of this planet and get rid of this package."

"It can wait."

With a whistle, Karter summoned his pet and headed for the door.

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