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   Chapter 32 No.32

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4895

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Steadily, the circling arm moved a bit faster until it seemed unaffected.

"Once it is full, you pull back, clench the fist to prime the discharge, then put a little momentum behind it, relative to your starting velocity. Relative was the hard part. I have to filter out most, but not all, motion. Otherwise, activating this thing on a moving train--or a rotating planet, for that matter--would have serious consequences."

He began a punching motion. At first, it was normal, but after a few inches it seemed to accelerate, and when he struck the padded pressure gauge panel, the whole refrigerator-sized contraption rolled backward. When he tried to withdraw his hand, he had to tug with all of his might, and even still it just crept through the air.

"And therein lies the problem. I can sort of manipulate the charge speed, but the discharge is always all at once. Not terribly useful. And it might screw your arm up pretty bad if you were to throw a punch without something to hit within arm's length. Wanna give it a try?"

"No, that's okay. I don't have a metal hand. Punching with that kind of force would turn my fist into gravel."

"Yeah, it would. Which is why I created this nano-lattice cloth. Pump some juice into it and it goes rigid. Structural strength falls somewhere in the high-gauge stainless steel range."

"Nice. I guess you probably made a killing with that stuff already."

"What, the cloth? The cloth is a side product. Why wou

ng? It worked perfectly. And it would do it to everyone in a twenty-five kilometer radius?"

"Yes, but there are tons of flaws. It only really works to camouflage humanoids. You could strap it to a tank, but the effect is much weaker. Don't know why. Probably psychological. Also, it doesn't work on electronics, so security cams and such still see you, and people looking at you remotely still see you as long as they are outside of the range. The damn thing weighs forty kilos, so it isn't really what you'd call portable. Oh, and at full power, it causes seizures."

"Causes seizures? In who!?"

"Everyone in a twenty-five kilometer radius, " he repeated.

"You. . . didn't turn it up to full just now, did you?"


"Good. Okay. Seizures. Yeah, I can see how a device that might accidentally give seizures to an entire city would be a tough sell. I guess you could always just sell it as a weapon of mass destruction, " Lex offered with a nervous chuckle.

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