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   Chapter 31 No.31

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5231

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Lex blinked a few times. "Why a fox and a skunk?"

"Enormous pun potential, " he explained, fishing the burrito out of his pocket and holding it up for the creature to munch on.

"You created an entirely new species because it would lead to good jokes."

"No. I did it because it would lead to bad jokes. For instance, Solby is short for Soul Brother. Get it?"


"Uncultured swine, " Karter said bitterly, "You go look up the greatest composer of the last four hundred years and then we'll talk. Horrific musical ignorance aside, though, take a look around and see if anything looks interesting to you."

"Look, I really don't want--"

"I'll fix your ship."


"Sure. The salvage bots are carting back what's left of it now. You do enough work for me, I'll get your ship up and running. You do more, I'll do more."

It was a tempting offer. Lex wasn't usually a sentimental guy, but he'd put a lot of time into that ship. It had gotten him through a few rough spots, and he owed a fair amount of his good reputation to the performance he'd squeezed out of it. The thought of getting it back was tempting. The thought of it not costing him an arm and a leg was even better. He glanced at his host and instantly wished he'd selected a different metaphor. The lunatic was staring off into space, eyes darting back and forth as he fiddled with some machinery half a building away.

Still, if Lex was careful, this could be well worth it. He looked over the contents of the hall, pacing along. There was a lot to see, and in a staggering

e voice said, dropping the arm on the floor as he reached for it.

Karter leaned down and fetched it without comment, the creature on his shoulders flicking its tail out of the way to allow him to click it back into place.

"Right, so, you were asking about the glove, " he said. "Kinetic capacitor demo unit. Modern inertial inhibitors cancel out inertia, but I figure that's wasteful, so I tried to see if I could absorb it and store it for later. I didn't quite achieve it, but I got close."

The inventor slipped a glove onto his false hand and paced into the room behind the shelf, where a number of pressure gauges and gym-style punching bags were set up.

"See, when active, these suckers soak up kinetic energy, " he explained, tapping the bundle at the base of the glove, and slowly heaving it in a circle, like a cartoon character winding up for a punch. It looked like it was taking all of the strength he could muster to do so. "Soaking up kinetic energy makes them very hard to move, but that tapers off as they fill up."

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